Psyching myself out for my second vaccination this weekend — gonna feel sick, feel sick, false alarm

Hopefully all goes well. I'm not squeamish about needles, but when you think about it, there's not too much difference between a penis ejaculating inside another person's body, and a needle expressing a chemical formula liquid into another person's body; and that's where I draw the line on willingly receiving flu shots.

I'm looking at my PC. It sits on a desk in the dining room. Nobody dines in the dining room. It hasn't been used for that purpose in years. It's a cluttered mess in here. boxes of junk, more boxes of junk, papers strewn everywhere, disorganization galore. But I can sit behind my desk, look at my computer and access more junk files in folder, and try to write. I do have ample elbow room for that purpose.

I have two apps on here that I'm eyeballing. Celtx, which I hear has an index card feature. Celtx is good because you can access your files from the cloud and Celtx has apps that work for desktop 'puters as well a mobile devices. Honestly though, I had to download a separate Celtx app for my mobile device. I have yet to use it, and I have yet to figure out where the index card feature resides in the desktop computer version. Meanwhile, I'm eager to explore Logline. That SON OF A BITCH cost me $25.

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Logline - screenwriting & outlining app for Mac OSX

I almost forgot that I had bought this app, $25, and I've been pounding the pavement with my head trying to use index cards for outlining. I don't even know where to start. Logline is yet another screenwriting app exclusively designed for computers, as opposed to the hundreds of screenwriting apps designed for mobile phones.

1 also purchased Celtx which I hear has an index card feature. I really should spend more time learning to use log-line. Because it doesn't come in a mobile phone version, I am limited to utilizing it in my writing ventures cooped in a corner of the house behind my desktop computer. Bleh. My ideas come sporadically when I'm on the toilet, outdoors, gardening, watching TV, etc.

But I'll tell you what. I'm also going to use Scrap when I need a visual storyboard. All this and more will be included to my blog updates here at blanketsin (as well as tmtwngm).

Yes it is difficult keeping focused on writing while working a day job. I find myself at the end of a workday trying to recharge for the next day by vegging out in front of the TV. I'm going to post my typecast as full page scenes. Just wait. I think they'll look pretty in the community blog (and behind a cut

Going thru old computer files

There is a desktop app for screenwriting called Logline. These apps which there are are surplus of are like the Swiss Army knife off typewriters. Not only do they format a screenplay by facilitating invention tabs, they also save your work. I have yet to come up wit a good filling system, but my eyes are worse for wear when I start social media-ing at night. Everything is a blur and I can only guess I'm pressing the right button on the keyboard. Thanks good for swipe typing.


device upgrades

the past few years I've been upgrading my phone yearly. Since I lease my phone, I'm allowed to upgrade yearly, but it's getting to be expensive. And since 13 is an unlucky number, I decided that I would skip an upgrade. We'll have to start a poll to see how long that lasts.
I kept dropping my current phone just weeks after getting it and before the protective sleeve arrived and I've been using it will a cosmetic crack on the glass. Off all years to try to skip an upgrade
Cameron Diaz

ios IM apps that recognize ljtalk

During the pandemic quarantine of 2020-2021, I began to explore the science of programming. I did so by viewing Lynda dot com training vids. While I might’ve done better by watching videos of the Perl language, or possible even C#, my fascinating with this aspect of computer science began with something called vanilla pudding/ bliki which, I’m guessing, is the equivalent of a CMS for PHP and MySQL, but really it’s just a programming language in Rebol (an obsolete programming language).

So I’m trying to find an app for my iOS device that will comm7nicate with ljtalk. Since I started buying apple devices, I discovered how I miss the updating process for lj using an instant messaging app like Conversations.

Speeding cop cars. Stress level high. Point and shoot photo therapy. PTSD. #hotpinkuniformreform

Couldn't help taking this when I saw them approaching. PTSD from Trader Joe's shooting
Couldn't help taking this when I saw them approaching. PTSD from Trader Joe's shooting

Jack-n-thebox. Two outlets to get to and back in the half hour I usually get for lunch. How high are the odds that I would've seen blaring siren cops speeding down Glendale Boulevard, just as I got this one I saw coming from a block away along Sunset Boulevard. Fun fun, said the gun.

I don't know if any of my readers saw my lj entry on July something or another, 2018, where I came within five minutes of a high pursuit. Don't think it got broadcast live via local media networks, but because it was the pursuit which ended in gunfire, killing an innocent woman working as manager for the local Trader Joe's… the cop's cam footage showed areas where the first gunshots started. I had been on the same street five–ten minutes earlier according to the time stamp on the cop cam, and my google maps GPS log. I wasn't affected by it. On my return home from picking up some frieeeeeeeed chickennnn at Dinah's, I saw the roadblocks. I didn't get all anxious about what went down that day until I did the math with the GPS logs and the time stamp on the official cop cam footage.

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Speeding cop cars never a pleasant thing to encounter

U.S. Magistrate judge Tony Leung presiding over the federal case
against four Minneapolis cops First dispute on the allegations was
made by the two cops who were actively restraining flayed with
Chauvin. Lane and Kueng argued that the wording describing their
status as police officers is misleading because it goes on to say that
they started their positions in December 2019.

Lanes attorney argued that his client was still in training.
#Earl_Gray, not the tea, argued that the day Lane encountered Floyd,
he had only been working a a police officer without supervision for
four shifts. And #Tom_Plunkett said his client, Kueng, had been
working as a police officer for only three shifts.

"Common sense dictates" these cops should receive a free pass because
they were so green. Kueng must really be anxious about going to prison
as he makes known his view that a fair and impartial jury would be
swayed to find him guilty if he was to be tried alongside Derek
Chauvin. As for the fourth cop, Thao has 8 years experience as a cop
and his attorney, #Robert_Paule, believes that because the two other
rookie cops are playing the inexperience card, he should be tried

Info courtesy API journalist Amy Forliti
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If I had a dollar for each step I make to scan, format, edit, re-edit. rename, rotate, move…

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While I put all this together, I wonder whether I could pull off a fictitious business name if I got a business license, then pay myself money for the work I do cutting and pasting But then I would also have to pay myself for secretary duties, like when I go shopping for paper and pens. I mean, just the ordering of the tools I need for calligraphy is enough to drive any secretary mad, so I’m think my secretary should be the kind that earns the same wages that a legal secretary earns. The developer should also get a salary for his half-ass ideas of putting my typecasts behind a cut, so as to force my readers to physically click on the button to reveal them. But wait! pushing the button won’t reveal the real typecast, just a thumbnail. So if my readers have a desire to read my entries, they would again have to click the thumbnail to go to a larger version of typecast. I would mix up my scenes so as discourage my RSS subscribers who are selective when they view my ‘typewriter’ tagged entries, or my ‘tmtwngm’ tagged entries. Then, with all the MySQL programming I’m learning, I alone would have the important pages organized so as to include them in my screenwriting project. The blog. The blockbuster movie resulting from the blog, yet having enough influence to keep the blog up while receiving credit for being the brainchild.