Devils rejects said it best. Chicken fuckers ruined it for pollo loco franchise

• BitCam - I love this app for the conservative way it uses memory • Scrap - Since BitCam doesn't store meta data, I usually use Scrap immediately after taking a picture to keep a log of the GPS location where I took the photo. • Notability - word processor with features like voice memo, sketching and/or handwritten note taking. It's also my goto app when I want to manipulate a file by exporting it to image file or pdf file. • Notes - word processing app that is included in the iOS bundle of apps. This app has an excellent ability to convert my handwriting into text. • Speechy - transcribing app for my voice memos • Reddit - large community of writers willing to swap and share their manuscripts/scenes for critiquing. • Photos - photo/scan storage • Word Hippo - my dictionary which includes thesaurus. • OneDrive - one terabyte of memory • File Manager - same as 'Files' bundled app which I use to try to keep my stuff organized. • OneNote - currently using this word processor to compose eMail blog updates • Email - I like the template feature which allows me to store all my headers options so that I can import them into a new email after pasting my content into new email from OneNote. This beats creating draft email messages with said headers because importing is easier than opening up a draft, copying the content only to paste it in another draft where I may have already started an email for a blog update. • JabMe - great for updating lj on the go with short tweet-like blurbs. • ComicCaptions - great for starboarding conceptual scenes without having to bring out the calligraphy pens for inking caption bubbles. • Telegram - I wish I knew how to program bots, but while I work on that learning that. email updating my blog with gmailbot works okay. • (Celtx) Script - screenwriting using cloud services so I can access my work on most all my devices. • (Celtx) Index Cards - same as Script, but I still have yet to master how this app works. • MemoPad - doodling • Sketches - doodling • Untitled - neat software for screenwriting that uses fountain markup language. • Inkflow - doodling • Music (iTunes app) - great for creating inspiring playlists consisting of stupid emo-style songs and metal.
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I’m just a dancing fool

I’ve gotten the all clear and can go back to work next week with a clean bill of health. In celebration of being Covic negative, I screened the Human Centipede trilogy last night on AMC.  
Check out this video of a dancing fool trying to save face from his awesome moves by doing the splits. How does a person rip his pants AND underpants this way? This has to have been planned. I discovered this video on Reddit, ganked it by screen recording it on my iPhone, then tried to share it on Imgur. Imgur wasn’t having it. They blocked it several times with a message that it infringed their policy. None of the mainstream social media sites were receptive to it. Wasn’t til it occurred to me to use lj’s video hosting scrapbook to store the video online so that I could use the lj URL to share it to Facebook.
lj may be old when it comes to animating gifs as emoticons, but at least it doesn’t return lame excuses for removing risky entries. Makes a person wonder why are we still surfing Imgur media if they’re obviousply editing out all the funny shit out there becuz of a little nudity? Yet sheeple are too dumb to know that they’re being fed family oriented, PG13, censored memes.
It’s unfortunate that 4chan is always swarming with porn because it’s probably the only real FREE site where uncensored material can be freely shared. 


Halyna Hutchins

As much as I try to use the Giphy app, I just can't make selected gifs animate properly (here on lj) as a user pic. Damn!


Sometime last year a co-worker and I were talking on the subject of film. It was the Harvey Weinstein debacle that sparked the topic. I recal expressing my opinion on stuff like film industry corruption. In a nutshell, I've always believed that artists have to resort to basic resources when they aren't yet famous. An example might be utilizing prostitutes as models for life drawing sessions instead of real "nude" models. So, keeping that idea in mind, directors of motion pictures might behave similarly. When a nude scene is required, it's much easier to convince a porn actress to play the part rather increase the salary of a B-list actress. You see this type of behavior in Game of Thrones with Sibel Kikelli in the role of Shae.

As soon as the nudity is no longer needed, the director kills off the character.

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Baldy and Saddam

I didn't really black out the other day. My blacking out days are over. Rather, I fell asleep from exhaustion. Though I had had quite a bit to drink that night and felt quite bleh too the next morning, nausea was not a concern. Nausea is usually my personal defining characteristic of whether or not I might have been prone to blacking out.

I was just trying to keep myself warm.

There's too many dumb laws in the city, one of which is that people should not be heating their houses with firewood. But is that really a law? I think maybe chimney people put themselves at risk for an infraction at most. My heating unit hasn't been working for years. And though it's allocated in a strategic part of the house to get heat where it's needed, it doesn't crackle and pop the way natural firewood logs talk. I try to check the temperature forecast for lows and if I see that it reaches a point below 50°f, I feel justified to light a fire.

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Michaela Coel

It's perfect weather to sit back with a cup of hot cocoa. Michaela's personal manifesto has me in stitches. Her book Misfits is the perfect get away from the research I've been doing on the gray man, a short lived moniker for a hideous monster from which the term boogeyman was born. I'm just beside myself over the resemblance Albert Fish has what is possibly the only photo I have of my great grand daddy, but it's disturbing that the Werewolf of Wysteria lived between 1870-1936.
One time, I was passing my main bully in the corridor, one of the older ones that would lock me in the music room. She was on the phone, roaming back and forth, stressed; nonetheless she had a few seconds for me: "Look at your fat lip." I turned to her, and agreed. I added that it was the hardest part of my mum's pregnancy--pushing them out. I said she seemed stressed and asked if she wanted a hug. She never spoke to me again.
I'm afraid to admit it, but I was among those people who got a charge at the expense of others misfortunes. Needless to say, I hated myself as an adolescent. I was just too stupid to know it. Late 70's, early 80's, the term was bongo lips. if it's any consolation for the downtrodden, I was given the nickname of 'Big Head' as a result of the size of my head I imagine as I was for the most part a virgin and completely naïve about such things as cunnilingus/felatio. Michaela Coel is a successful screenwriter who has written material that has gone on to be produced, namely Chewing Gum (2015-2017) and I may destroy you (2020). I've included a short excerpt from her personal manifesto Misfits. I think she's very photogenic and I'll be checking on her IMDb profile periodically to see what she's filming. I've already banned from my own entertainment preferences and rules most films not R rated, stuff Sandra Bullocks is in, stuff the Brock is in, stuff Matt Damon is in, stuff Tom Cruise is in, and Ben Affleck. That's pretty much everybody so I'm really desperate at this point to see Coel become a household name in motion pictures.
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My comment to an entry 'Today Is World Trick Shot Day!' by ghost_light

1. Do you send Christmas letters or just Christmas cards? Just cards, with a small gift gift of $ to compensate for my own grandification of signing my name.

2. What is the last game you bought? I dunno what it's called anymore as I've reached the apex of advancement, but it entails shooting little balls that bounce against bricks to incinerate/decinerat them.

3. Are you a fan of cotton candy? Only if Henry makes make them, in good faith, for me and whomever I've been hanging with.

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hair pot

For the sake of screenwriting apps, (and mind you, my computer is slow as fuck)…

Apps are cool.  I wish I had the know-how to create them.  Learning how to use apps is one thing, learning how to apply apps to best serve one's purspose is totally another. The important thing, IMO, is that one develop a system, without drugs preferably, to utilize apps to best serve your writing pursposes.

My gawd

god damnit

I guess you could say I'm dedicated to learning screenwriting without the business of falling back on an instructor (and their ludicrous fees.) I'm one who believes that screenwriting is as simple to learn as reading screenplays. And books.

I've got Loglines, Celtx, and a number of other apps (which are paid and/or free) and they all have their benefits in some odd way.  I won't evaluate them in my blog until I get a better understanding of each. This is a goal that isn't going to be obtainable until until I see my pseudonym up in lights next to the title of the feature film script of the century.  What am I going to do with all the money that follows?

I'll tell you. I grew up in a home.  Was raised by loving mother and father. Here in the west, the summers are quite possibly more torturous than the winters, and we had no pool (other that the local public pool that I have yet to check out.). Hmm?  

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