Man-de-la Baldwin effect

Remembering when Alec Baldwin used his acting skills to save his skin. New Mexico serves its purpose for his under cover work on the Rust project. The settlement between the law suit between the Halyna's family and the Rust production company tells a different story. Guilty!

Alec Baldwin's last acting project

Alec Baldwin's last acting project

FBI must detach its asset leaving Baldwin high and dry. Film studios would rather hire anybody else for their action films. What will Alec Baldwin do next since his renown face wouldn't fit the role as a crisis actor.

There are openings for puppets at Bob Bakers Marrionette theater.
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The fly trainer for the movie tmtwngm

After many years perfecting his kill technique, the assassin was at a crossroads. All it took was his presence to inflict fear in a common housefly. Causing anxiety with its own brand of pandemonium toward the human race always seemed an unbiased hobby of a fly. (no wonder Egyptian gods are often depicted carrying a fly swatter) The assassin, however, can remember a time before becoming the man who WOULD harm a fly. Flashbacks of the signature buzzing sound of a housefly whizzing by your head trying to get closer and closer to your food each time it Kamikazes close enough to accidentally inhale into a nostril. Fly-by after fly-by. But now. Now it's as if the insect senses his kill instinct in a room of people. Or did it find a human with food somewhere in another part of the room?

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It's my last week of hiatus from work

It's back to the grind, I guess.

Never thought I'd see the day when my back would be the reason for taking an extended leave from work, but I'm feeling better now. That – my back — and my laptop is getting old. The battery needs replacing but the whole machine seems to get hot under my fingers. Not as much fun surfing the web as it once was when it was brand new.

Must've been the other day — I have so much time on my hands — that I figured out how to design a something on Canva. And import it into the journal. Gawd knows what'll I'll ever need something like that for as most of the apps I have on my divices serve as content creators. A Canva jpg image is the same as a Notability jpg image, and PS Express image for that matter.

Biggest concern is the neglect I've been showing my Nightster

News flash: the 2022 Nightster lineup is here.

This being my last week of free time, I really should at least check to see if the bike will start up.

Considering it was back problems I was dealing with, it's hard to believe I decided all the moving around of furniture was smart. Now if I can only clear off the clutter from my desktop, life would be so sweet. Never did understand a clean desk. Clean desks seem so unused. I pay my bills at my desk, update my blog, shop online, and other things. THIS, mind you, is only the stuff I do on the west side of the dining room. The drafting table is another story; wish I could clear the clutter off that too. 

Although I say I'm feeling a lot better, I'm not 100% 

basically just moved all the junk from one side of room to the other
basically just moved all the junk from one side of room to the other

yet. I find it hard to do my ordinary cleaning chores. Never wished I had a live-in girlfriend more than when I see all the dirt and grime I'm too lazy to clean. I never did figure out what I must've done to my back. Couldn't be the sit-ups because I've been slacking off in the exercise department too.

Black-eye Susans mysteriously sprout in pot

It's weird because I totally thought I planted something else. Rather, the seeds I had planted, I had planted years ago and nothing grew. It wasn't 

kitchen's so tiny, had to move the trashcan
kitchen's so tiny, had to move the trashcan

even in the same pot I planted those seeds in, so all I can surmise is that a bird saw how diligently I work in the garden and same bird must've knows that I have a partialness to the yellow flower. 


Obviously the bird came and pollinated my pot with seeds it picked up somewhere.

black-eyed susans
black-eyed susans

Right? It's the only explanation.

The gunslinging cowboys from the film Nope

There's so much going on in this film. The first thing people want to know is what's the deal with the ballerina shoe? Next, for me anyways, the backstory that allowed for Michael Jackson to return to earth: the Gonzo monkey debacle.

Then there's the UFO, a blanket called Jean Jacket? 

Billy Jean is not my lover

In the end, ya gotta say it's good. I can re-watch this movie a dozen times and learn something new each time. I like that, but it made for a complicated story. Sequels? Only if Whitney Houston has a scene in it. 


not a poem.

if this repository were the only source of artifacts about my life, one might come away with the impression that i'm a rather tortured person. but where is the poem in endless gratitude for sunlight and sidewalks, the continual astonishment of self-authorship, the security of good friends, the comfort of well-established boundaries. how would one wax poetic about how each day starts with optimism and ends with satisfaction.

it's not infinite happiness--that's silly. there is stress and frustration and self-doubt. i'm still alive, after all. but it doesn't define my days like it used to. and it doesn't keep me up at night. a man flipped me off in traffic today, and instead of crying and writing him a letter to soothe myself, i watched his eyes in his rearview mirror and saw the weight of his life coming out in that gesture. this was not about me. this was his poem of torture.

i feel lucky. i feel grateful. if i were superstitious or mystical, i would be building alters to the universe or the great mother. there's no poem in that.

Ganked meme from fauxklore

1. Do you make daily to-do lists? If yes, do you usually successfully clear them? I honestly gave lj's to do list a try, but couldn't make it work for me as a content inspiring module. I abandoned it with the idea that its functionality would be better utilized for development and programming tasks.

2. What is your favourite piece of clothing? Do you have a different favourite for each season? As a rule, I never wear summer clothing during winter, but while the climate is in its average ranges, such as spring time and autumn, depending on the temperatures, I'll wear summer clothing in autumn and winter clothing during spring. I've been wearing sleeveless attire this summer, my favorite being my greeb Harley Davidson shirt with snap buttons.

3. When did you last interview for a job? Did you get it? I haven't interviews in years. Needless to say, the last time was unsuccessful.

4. Teacher or student? Informally, student, because I love learning computer science. Also, teacher, because I've been trying to start up a writing community for screenwriters.

5. What comes to mind when you think of fear? Anger. I fear getting angry because often I get myself into difficult situations resulting from hasty decisions made under the heat of anger.

6. What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning? Sleeping in, lounging around, couch potato-ing

7. Where do you think your road is going? North and south, never west and rarely east.

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