Enter the hot-pink clad, passive aggressive, tyrant


bier de stone

E A, Junior


how Frankenstein has that-stein suffix a in… Weinstein?.

Traits both Weinstein and Frankenstein were in the business of putting their victims /patients they extensive surgery (body ALTERATIONS, trans, cosmetic, etc. )





The highway is gridlocked and frozen. Francis and Raquel find themselves stuck in their car without access to an exit ramp. Francis lights a joint.




Soon. McDonalds?

Raquel takes the joint from between Francis' lips.


Is this saliva? You know what I hate about Mickey dee's? Their stupid plastic cup lids.


Hey! Of course.


Roll up your window.






How-huh? They first gotta zig-zag thru this mess, smell smoke, and spot this perfectly rolled spliff disguised as a cigarette.


What if they're undercover?


Ugh, we ain't gonna find a McDonalds for at least an hour.


Francis digs around behind his seat to retrieve a thermos coffee cup.

Upon finding a cup, he brandishes it contently.


Got my coffee mug.

Francis and Raquel swap items, after Raquel takes a long, coughing instigating toke.


cool! Is it a thermos? (BEAT) it is.




It's leak proof, check the lid.


Uh-huh. Look, is that trucker waving at us?
Hah! There's a trucker asking for a hit.

Francis struggles to see his blind-spot. He sticks half his body out the window, placing the gear in park. Waves, brings the spliff to his lip, exhales and checks for police before gesturing the joint to the trucker.



Francis gets out of his car after rendering the area safe.


Do you happen to have a porta-potty in there?

The trucker reaches for the joint.


A what now!!?


A toilet. We were headed to McDonalds before we ended up blocked in.


Are you a cop?



Dude. ~

The trucker opens his door and starts climbing down his truck explaining to Francis how the driver's seat works. He then allows Francis into his big rig and shuts the door.



TRUCKER taps on the passenger side window. Raquel is already high as she cracks the window.

Raquel takes the joint from the trucker and moves to open the side-door to invite him in.

Traffic inches forward for the lane the white van presently occupies.


Thanks. Heard there's a party in here.


Where's Francis?


He's taking care of business. Traffic's moving.

Raquel climbs into the driver's seat intending to merge closer to the exit lane by benefiting from the trucker's absence in his rig.


Are you okay to drive.

Raquel hands the trucker the joint as she signals a lane change.




Can I get my coffee order poured in my own cup?


No. But you can pour your coffee from the cup we give you into your own cup.

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heaven et hell

Telegram app. Yeah, but how?

Telegram has so many features that I don't know how to use yet. For starters, I just can't grasp the difference between a group, a channel and a bot.

If anybody is interested, I could use some guidance. Lj seems to be telegram friendly, but the question is: just how many lj bloggers are there on my friends list who use it?

Telegram account
Telegram account

One of the groups I've created received lj updates from Russian bloggers and I don't even know how I set that up; nor where to begin to tweet the @ljbot I must've somehow activated to achieve the blog updates.

I've received blog entries from

... but who even are these people?


dancer image is not playing with himself!

Before I forget... I have an application on my phone called ImgPlay. Technically it's called “gif Maker-ImagePlay”. The App Store has it listed as such and it’s the app I used to import the animation file/movie I created with another app called Motion Book. The number of animation apps I’ve tried briefly are all free to download. I haven’t decided which of them I should pay the premium fee. Most free accounts want you to create a premium account for $1 or $2 to utilize more panels in your short animation project and there’s only so much one can do with the three “free” panels allowed in the free version of the app. Motion Book came thru by allowing me to import six images. FlipPad looks enticing and easy to use; well worth an investment but I want to dabble a bit more in animating my doodles to get an idea of what I’m going to choose for a premium animation application. I don’t want to happen what I did back in the 90’s when I invested in software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop but didn’t really devote time to learn these programs until years later when computers were being upgraded and the operating systems were requiring an additional payment to upgrade the software so it would be functional with the new operating system.

ImgBase is the developer of ImgPlay. For some odd reason, I have no clue why the movie file produced with MotionBook wasn’t playing nice with my blog. I think it was simply a file format issue whereas posting gif files in my blog is way easier than embedding .mov files. Fortunately ImgPlay imported the video file nicely and converted it to gif format. Yay! Motion book was developed by Robin & Vivian studio dot com and this was the app that came thru for me when I was trying to import the different panels I drew with my full version of Sketches app.

I like the simplicity of Sketches and and the additional tools available when using the full version is worth what I paid to go premium with that app. Although I'm not completely satisfied with the way my gif turned out, it is hard to say when more time can be focused on cleaning it up. I guess I had a vision of Linus from the peanuts gang doing the jerk (the way Pig-pen dances in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Oh well, with that said, the storyboard doodle dancer cartoon in my main blog page is jerking off and sploojing everywhere.

Maybe some background music could abolish that notion but I'm of the impression that my readers already have melodies of their favorite songs playing on repeat in their head. Plus, sound effects is going to require a different file format as gif files don’t do sound.

I'm sure there's easier ways to create my original gif images, but I've already logged enough hours into the sketches app to know what I'm doing, and which tools, brushes create the effect I need. After all the tracing of the original image, I used the x-acto knife tool to cut the hand and rotated it upwards. Flipping the image, coloring the clothing pattern and skin tone, etc. all was very relaxing with the apple pencil. Exporting was a bear.

I don't know how I managed to maintain the same size of the image as the original image was two megapixels, 1242 x 2208 and 179 KB. Once I got that image into the Sketches app to trace, the exported versions of it, in PNG format, were 3 megapixels, 1668 x 2224 and 1.6 megabytes.

I would like a smoother transition in hand gestures, but I fear that this may involve body flexing too. At least the movement of dancer’s body as he flexes his hand might dispel the motion of masterbation. Lol. Also , when dancer shifts his stance to look the other way, feet movement may also be an element to reflect dancing and not sploojing all over the place.

Trials and tribune rations

Let's take a look at Harvey involved Hollywood films that I've seen, enjoyed and frankly would watch again and again.


There are many other movies that Harvey was involved with that I am aware of which I've screened, but I only selected the ones that

  1. I've watched and enjoyed
  2. I would sit through another screening
  3. I believe other movie fans who are into these genres would enjoy as well

Early on in my blogging ventures, many years ago, I may have mentioned some interest in The legal transactions that take precedence before a movie is finally released for public consumption. I know nothing about law, but my interest in the disputes of who gets credit for what fascinated me because I write too and nothing else could ever compare to being published as a screenwriter. I never imagined that such a high profile case like the #metoo movement's persecution of Harvey Weinstein would answer to my desire to be in the know of Hollywood secrets.

Back on 1992, I didn't even have a blog, but Reservoir Dogs was a film I definitely didn't catch while it was still being premiered in theaters. I don't have a memory for when and where I did sit thru it. Back in the 90's I was struggling to survive, making feeble attempts at holding down jobs that would finance my education. For some odd reason, I thought I could achieve success as a commercial artist. Blech.

Quentin Tarantino was a name being tossed around in those days, but I wasn't making any connections back then to screenwriting goals. The most I made of Quentin was his odd name which I had never heard before. Tarantino brought reflections of spiders, classical music and maybe a melancholy wonder over what had become of a friend named Dino.

1994 was still a challenge for me in the education department. I was sick of school and two years later, upon finding a steady job, I decided to quit school. I didn't have money, so I didn't go to the theater often. Pulp fiction is another film that I probably screened on HBO or some other streaming service (Blockbuster Videos comes to mind)

Pulp, I recall, never did relate to the fine science of paper making as much as the comic book artist I was reading in those days. Paul Pope's THB.

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Somewhere I had heard that screenwriters only get into this business for the sex. That rang true, seeing that so many women came out with allegations against Harvey. I can imagine all these HW writers suffering demands for minor changes to their script. At least those whom aren't named Quentin. Maybe Harvey needed a way to insert an actor/actress into a film script and the only way he saw to manage this was thru bullying writers to create a new character. "No change, no production. Simple as that!" I can almost hear this said in Harvey's voice. The worse thing about this kind of Hollywood haggling is I'm almost certain that whatever Harvey had his writers edit out of his films was the policemen dressed in hot pink uniforms.

Inglorious Basterds, Django unchained, and The hateful eight, a span of 6 years but here I am, lonely as ever. I'm going to call bullshit on the rumored extraordinary sex lives that screenwriters lead. Maybe I should default to song writing. I think there's less politics involved. Harvey does reminds me of a bully from my own experience growing up in L.A. public schools. That's why I have a fascination in his rape trial. I am going to gloat the first time I see photos of Harvey after he receives his sentencing. I dunno why but, isn't it odd how the media uses all the old photos that were published from the New York rape trial?

I'm sure I'll send Harvey a letter or two with samples of my screenplay when he has nothing better to do but read on his jail cell. How could he miss them? I publish all my ideas on #tmtwngm.

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iOS camera ability to recognize text

Those MSN Edge browsers know how to spark news interest by the way it concentrates photos and headlines on their home page. It can get frustratingly hypnotic. I like to let the streaming headlines play like a video as I try to read the headlines during the short glimpse they allow before it streams to the next news headlines. Today the headlines that captured interest were about violence on Mexico, Chinese prez and Canadian Prime Minister, and lastly a 2000 year old mummy. Instead of following the links to the articles, however, I printed the headlines with my new handy-dandy fountain pen (with a stub nib) using the old and obsolete calligraphy style Fraktur. I then proceeded to use the iOS camera feature to highlight and capture text to copy and paste elsewhere. Here are the results; mind you, my Calligraphy isn't the most glamorous.

Gluenquella Rabirison
beaten to death robile on
bucatint witt; friend in
Chiner Fresident at Sirabing
Grime rimister
after pir's cousersation
Ousterious 2000- ear
do Grammarus fure stall-

The above text should read:

Shanquella Robinson beaten to death while on vacation with friends on Mexico.

Chinese President Xi Jinping humiliates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on camera after pair's conversation leaks.

Mysterious 2000-year-old mummy's face stunningly reconstructed by scientists.

I don't know yet how efficient this new feature available on iPhones works with handwriting, but I imagine it is fairly efficient if it uses any of the technology that Apple Pencil uses to transform Handwriting into text.

The whole reason I thought I was being clever by scanning my hard copy screenplay pages and blogging them as jpg/png images was to eliminate the ability to copy and paste my intellectual property from being used in somebody else's screenplay. Or at least making the process of copying and pasting difficult if not impossible.

That is obviously a thing off the past with the new OCR technology being employed. But wait! OCR still doesn't understand old English. Rather Fractur, as I do not like the way old English Calligraphy looks against a black letter style usually known as fraktur, fat letter, black letter.

It's a pain to write this way, and I'm only really employing it for headings and bold text. My eyes aren't what they use to be and I love the boldness, size of the lettering style. Those tiny ball point pens make words hard to see sometimes. Maybe, I'm time, if I continue to write this way, I will come up with a rough style that's not so detailed and painstakingly to handwritten, but I went ahead and invested in one off those overpriced fountain pens and I'm going to use it with the stub nib I requested and I'm going to enjoy it.


GrimReaper the anti-hero

Jill Abbott I did a brief search online for news articles and info on The murder of this woman. The autopsy couldn't reveal the cause of her death, and the pending toxicology report was never announced in the media.

What else is there to to but analyze and read between the lines when ur fav influencer on insta happens to mention the mysterious circumstances in which a fellow headbanger got herself murdered. Quite honestly, I create little fantasies in the world I live in pretending things really evolve around me, a graphic arts/designer drop-out, anxious to try out a new trade: screenwriting. While awaiting my big break, I appease my disappointment of reject letters by convincing myself that screenwriting juxtaposes updating my blog; so long as I’m writing on a computer screen. Or, if that doesn’t work out, there’s always the coloring pages that Eli Peach sends me sparking yet another fantasy that my previous career choice of cartooning is coming to fruition.
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McDonald's pit stop

Road trip
Road trip
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The lanyard I spent so much time making out of the twine that print journalism newspapers use to tie together their delivery issues has come in handy. The local pet shop only had a harness for the kitten and I didn’t want to go with a dog leash, because I already got one of those, and I didn’t have time to drive out to Petco. I affixed a clip to one end and the lanyard seems strong enough to keep the cat from getting away.

I just know in its heart she would like nothing better than make life difficult for me getting her back in the car. She seems spooked and I don’t know whether it’s because she doesn’t like the leash, or maybe she’s a bit traumatized of the outdoors when she was lingering by the side of the freeway entrance when she was found.