#hotpinkuniformreform let's make it happen—a sign of the times merits drastic measure to mark change

MUGSHOT 4137420
MUGSHOT 4137420

Judge Peter Cahill is presiding over the court case against a Minneapolis cop accused of carelessly handling the arrest of an innocent American citizen which resulted in the suspect's murder.  MURDER?  Why not? after all, upon review of bystander video, it is obvious that 1) the suspect pleaded for air by alerting a gang of officers restraining him that he was on the cusp of blacking out, never to awaken again for lack of air to his lungs.  2) Police reports from all officers involved blatantly reveal a conspiracy of domestic terrorism inherent in diachronic practices harboring fraud redacted by peace officers and their supervisors/collaborating agencies.

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Here I am watching a new writing comm to get a feel of it’s activity

Community: ci5_boxoftricks (red. Light. District version) just
Community: ci5_boxoftricks (red. Light. District version) just

Sitting here enjoying another rain storm. Probably gonna be the last one of the season. I took a day off from work today.

Found that book that had passed thru my fingers without jotting any info on it. And the proportion of the book, typical fiction size like a Cussler novel or Patterson novel, had me combing the stacks.

There I was, browsing the bookshelves. Something people haven’t been able to do since March of 2020. I kept pulling out books just far enough to catch a glance at the cover at. Judging. Thank God I started backwards in the alphabet. I think I started my search at Steinbeck or Anne Rice.

Apparently Penman has written a bundle of books in a series on historic fiction. Middle Ages. The one I’m reading now is set in the 1100s or so.

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stage 4 of organizing outlines with index cards (i think. lost track. don't know what I'm doing)

  1. Everybody is trying to contribute to MC's demise so much, he DIES SIDEWAYS.  THE TEMPORARY INSANITY PLEAD, involving augury misguidance, has undertones of card 5 – escaping menopause. Mollie the figment of imagination
  2. PANEL-INSIDE-A-PANEL The confused FLY tries to make sense of why MC doesn't just forget about her and move on with his life, which is depicted by the multiple panel scenes showing live action flashbacks and whatever, revealing the dark side of MC. His abject determination to clear his conscious has him dangling like a puppet on a string.  He withdraws into himself masking his anger, sadness and feeling from everyone.  How could he explain loving somebody for 30 years without even knowing them.  For that matter, how could he explain the ongoing animosity over his abandonment issues.  And lastly, how does he win her back so he could give her a dose of her own medicine and refuse her her visions of a happy ending by locking her up in a virtual dungeon.  Mollie's transformation into a typewriter
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This brainstorming narration on the 3rd set of index cards encompasses approx 10 pages of script

First impressions – inauguration 2021 "Biden rush to sign"

First impressions – inauguration 2021 "Biden rush to sign"

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers - 2018

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & flying saucers is a movie I screened a couple months ago.  My niece had mentioned she'd seen the film, so I figured one more UFO/ancient alien conspiracy documentary couldn't hurt.  Plus my niece is really smart so the film has to be worth a watch.  I thought [Lazar] was delusional at first.  The way he makes an argument for his claims to have been inside area 51 seemed weak. Honestly, when somebody argues their point with “can you prove I didn't work there?”, I’m gonna call bullshit. But then he puts himself thru hypnosis to conjure up regressed memories.  Or repressed memories… I don't completely understand where Bob Lazar is coming from.  Does he claim to have lived a previous life wherein he worked at Area 51? or was he totally and completely traumatized that his memories were repressed?  I think it makes a major difference on how I perceive his claim.  On the one hand, if he is reincarnated, then I might dispel his theories as impossible to prove, but if he's been repressing his memories, he might have PTSD and that might involve DSM DISORDERS which I find fascinating, and worth believing.

Time travel, though? Come-on. Nah-uh. 

If indeed time travel was a thing back when Bob Lazar claims to have been working for area 51, then I for one will be the first to seek a re-do of my H.S. love interest BREAKUP.  For the HIGH SCHOOL scenes (of #tmtwngm project), the Main Character (MC) is convinced that his SWEETHEART wants to CASTRATE his BALLS.  The holes in the plot are in conveying effectively the plight MC must overcome to portray a grown man who, after 30 years, still harbors STRONG FEELINGS for her.  An EPIPHANY converts his outlook on love, but the outcome of it may as well have ended his life as far as he's concerned for living ANACHRONISTICALLY WITHOUT HER is torture.  And so, the song THE END OF ALL HOPE takes an ANTHEM ROCK effect as the plot reaches real time (when the juicy details about MCs gory DEMISE enlightens us into to how he became emotionally conflicted with COLD HEARTED syndrome.  We see denial in MC soon after the break-up, and it gradually hardens his heart as he maintains a two–can–play–at–this–game temperament.  Comparing human instinct of scratching each other's back DURING SEX, MC turns the table by returning the favor, or lack thereof, as his LOVE INTEREST'S unwillingness to go all the way propels his unrequited desire to make love into the MONSTER that interprets the split-up as the solution to the CONFLICTING VIEWS ON SEX that might've damage the relationship anyway.  And his conviction to convey to his ex that their separation is just his way of ABSTINENCE become another CONFLICTING VIEW with her.  He doesn't realize that he's metaphorically cutting off his his own dick by way of guiding himself to a LIFE of LONELINESS.  But the reason he's so obsessed with ONLY her is because they both are equally MIXED-UP.  MC with his constant HEAD BANGING, and ELLE for her awkward introspection on HOLLYWOOD relationships (revealed in act 3).

The span of time between H.S. and THE PRESENT, he develops fantasies of reunions which instill a dark side that evolved from the desire for retribution as his denial of their breakup accumulates in angry loneliness as she too was adept at being cold-hearted. Fantasies of dungeons where he maintains her cohabitation after coming back as if nothing bad occurred.

His new outlook on the subject of LOVE transforms from nursery rhyme "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" who keeps his wife inside of a pumpkin, to BDSM, reasoning that such a concept of housing one's spouse inside a pumpkin isn't so different from keeping her in a dungeon.

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Next batch of cards should reveal what Elle’s backstory entails 

TYPEWRITERS, fold out wooden tray/tables, UNWILLING CELIBACY, the soil, gardening, etc. All these capitalized subject/object/verbs will have something significantly related to its corresponding index card logline.

phobias of FLIES

An example “FLASHBACK of BIER dodging BUTTERFLIES”. 

I was going to type all this rambling stuff and use red ink on the typewriter but I decided to reserve typewriter typecasts for film script formatted manuscripts only (seeing as tabulations and indentions in html still cannot be hashed out in this blog.  I still don’t know how I will implicate 911 with TIME TRAVEL, but something's gotta give.  I will triumph on this obstacle of writers' block like a beachcomber traverses the sand. DIALOG: “Next you’ll be telling me TIME TRAVEL is the reason nobody fell from the plane, and they all must've been incinerated by fireball of the explosion.~”  So far, the only thing amplifying my vivid imagination in this #tmtwngm project is my fascination with Dirty Dancing and writing fanfic for it.  In my version of a sequel, Baby's real name is RAQUEL and it is changed to Frances only because that's what one does when encountering one night stand hook-ups.  What really's going to flip your wig is how Baby's promiscuity in Dirty Dancing affects character development for Jake Houseman. 

After pondering BABY'S decision to change her name for stage name reasons, I believe I'll still be able to shorten it to ELLE, as I'm keen on basing her personality on the mysterious SHE on TV4 character from the novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  She, in French, is Elle.  In addition, Baby develops huge boobs and so her name being shortened to 'Elle' from 'Raquel' is almost poetic.  The crazier reason I've been pondering for her name change was she had been contemplating GENDER REASSIGNMENT surgery and she simply felt that transitioning from Emily to Emil would be a lot smoother.  But that's neither here nor there now.

Brought up in N.Y., she gets her first break as a minor when a magnet school introduces her to a corroborating showbiz center that was casting young acting students for a chance to audition in the low-budget film.  A-list actors such as Jack WESTON and Patrick Swayze were scheduled to appear in the film, and it was Elle influence that allows M.C. to accept his newly given nickname of BIERDE (pronounced birdy).


Continued writing prompt project

First a word from sponsors: Is Kyle Rittenhouse CPAC 2021's Keynote Speaker? The suggestion that Rittenhouse is scheduled to speak at CPAC this year is nothing more than a joke from Griffin Goto Website

Upon taking a few steps backward to view the pinboard of #tmtwngm index cards, I notice that I still have the tape dividers portioning the areas for ACT I, II & III.  However, the technique I'm following right now is meant to arrange ten cards for each act, ACT I, II, IIA & III.  All together, that's 4 sections.  Fortunately, back when I was following a 3-act structure method, I reserved more space on the cork board for act two because it was obvious that act two might need more index cards seeing that it comprised 81% of the manuscript as a whole.  What I mean is, if act 1 averages 1-10 pages, and act 3 averages about the same amount of pages as act 1, then a full length feature film is going to include roughly 90 pages for act 2.

My favorite fast food burger joint installation nearby my nemesis Patra's

My favorite fast food burger joint installation nearby my nemesis Patra's

Why lie. Whirl of lies. 'flies.

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squid ink – a fanfic fick for THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT

What if octopussies could read and write? they come with their own ink.  What if octopi could read and write? they come with their own ink.

MOLLIE:  Was wäre, wenn Octopi lesen und schreiben könnte? 

MOLLIE:  Was wäre, wenn die richtige Vagina lesen und schreiben könnte?

MOLLIE:  Was wäre, wenn acht Vaginen lesen und schreiben könnten?

This TV series on MAX is a cast of delight.  That line at the end of episode 1 "…squid ink."  what the fuck?!  I'm screening this show again because binging on GAME OF THRONES would just put me to sleep.  I'm on episode 4 or 5 in that series and my favorite actress on the show still hasn't made an entrance.

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