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It’s becuz iPhone doesn’t give OneDrive access to photos


The quick solution: remember to go to Photos app (on phone) and share ur photos of choice to 1dr (0neDrive)


And there's that thing where JotterPad doesn't have access to iCloud...

Plus, we are not robots after all

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I blocked comments on this lj entry.

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Oh yeah

If md file isn't given a name before exporting to html BY "COPYING", the md file goes into cyber space


Airport McGee

An ode to the dirty dancing franchise. The new up in smoke.
An ode to the dirty dancing franchise. The new up in smoke.


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How about those Russians.~


It's day 14 of movie deprivation month

Hulu seems to be addressing homebodies like me who prefer to wait for a DVD release of Nope before trudging out to an IMAX theater and they've generously come out with Prey, exclusively available on Hulu today.

Meanwhile, I've been humoring myself with memes of young Neil Kellerman juxtaposed together in photo with the mayor of LA. Is that what Jennifer Grey was talking about when she said a sequel was in the works? Or was that sexual?

I might enjoy a sexual way more than the way I've been pining over conspiracy theories involving a Hollywood hex contender in the Dirty Dancing franchise.


Over-hyped or fly-by-night

Today is day one of movie deprivation month
The news about movie theaters is that government kickbacks are obtainable if the theater house can list a majority of minority employees. In other words, employees who are under the age of 18 will qualify any theater house for government funding as a source of training for minors to the workforce. That is why I don't eat popcorn anymore.

Those same kickbacks can be hacked by movie production companies if they maintain their motion pictures accessible only at theaters for a considerable amount of time. On-demand has also begun to hack into the free money by allowing their movie productions to be accessible for rent only, before the merchandise is released for ownership.

What does this mean for people like me who rely on good movies as a means of recharging from the drama of work? THIS IS A CONFLICT.

As much as I try to limit my TV viewing, sometimes I can't help myself and I end up watching whatever my subscriptions allow. Usually, when I browse the collected titles from various movie streaming channels, I look for R rated films. I stay away from feature film length movies labeled MTV (mature TV) or no rating whatsoever. I am not a fan of series TV either.

Make no mistake, however, I don't just watch any R rated movie. I dislike films about cops (unless the police in the movie happen to wear hot pink uniforms.) And regardless of the main theme a movie is about, if it is a blockbuster, I greatly scrutinized it to check if it's for me. In other words, I won't watch a chick flick just because it's a blockbuster, but I will watch a movie that isn't a blockbuster if I am partial to the artists who have worked on the film.

Recently, the movie trailer for the new JAWS was released for the movie NOPE. Because I don't have fun going to a theater to watch movies by my lonesome, I usually wait until the movie becomes available on on-demand. I don't mind paying the ridiculously high ownership prices of $20+ either. NOPE might be one of those movies, but it depends on what I hear about its reception.

I am kind of hard up for a "good movie" fix, but not so much to put up with the bullshit involved with dating (as a means of motivation to get myself out and into an IMAX theater.) I'm not misogynistic. I've just found the stress of flirting, the let downs, and even the stress involved with being out in public in the current city conditions where anything like a mugging can happen in the presence of a damsel stirs my gut like butterflies from hell.

I mean, it's just hard finding an available crush to ask out on a date, doubly so finding a date willing to see the kind of movies I'm into. But am I really into NOPE?

It's come to the point that I've been fabricating reasons to not give a shit that theater-goers are getting their movie fix before me. One such reason in my pros & cons list is whether NOPE will have a cool movie soundtrack.

I think not.

Just take for consideration the clip in the trailers depicting scenes wherein the cloud/UFO is raining down a bloody mess atop the house of the HAYWOOD ranch property.

After a scrutinizing double take, it doesn't seem like that scene is going to juxtapose a heavy metal score like Raining Blood. Or is that Reining Blood? Music is another deciding factor that I use to measure rank of movies I would like to see and movies I could care less about.

Here is what I've noticed over time. Movies tend to mainly have a law enforcement, police-is-the-good-guy theme. The movie(s) I'll probably never get tired of watching over and over again are HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, 3 FROM HELL. Can you see the pattern? What if I added JOKER (2019) to that list?

Cop killer movies. It would seem that cop killer movies are my favorite genre of movie. But really, it just happens that the movies I revel over happen to have had a scene or two of a law enforcement officer getting his ass dispatched. I am not a cop hater, let's get that straight. I just have no trust for a law enforcement agency that doesn't wear the proper colored uniforms.

I digress a point that further extends my ability to reason with myself on awaiting an on-demand version of a film. NOPE is overhyped. Already I've been hearing from peeps who've had an advanced screening that it wasn't their cup of tea, or they didn't agree with the ending, etc. Usually, a movie I know that I'm going to like, (a Raining Blood score during the Raining Blood scene) hearing about the spoilers wouldn't matter. It wouldn't matter because I could always fall back on The minute details in a scene, The music, the actors, subtitles, pretty much anything my imagination can come up with to justify my fanaticism.

NOPE Is about 2 hour and 15 minute in length! what-the-dick.~ I'm not getting any younger. It's about time that I should be thinking along the lines of, can I sit still for that long without a bathroom break?

I had planned to put the finishing touches on my own writing prompt community entry for a 3-scene sequence for submittal by today, 22-7-22, the day NOPE premiers nationwide. However, I didn't count on the ass-hat that I would encounter at work this week that has gotten to me in a bad way. No worries. There's no rush. I mean Russia could decide to pull the plug on livejournal for all us Americans for all I care, will continue onward.

Maybe I'll decide to doodle on the sketch pad a bit before those finishing touches are addressed. It is wonderful not to have to worry about a deadline. At #tmtwngm, it's my understanding that mental health comes first.

Lastly, and I don't know why I'm the only person out there in social media land to suggest this, but I was (and still am) hoping that that one scene of the crowd at the Juniper's ranch spectacle event, where the lady whose face is veiled, was really Michael Jackson returning from the dead. Perhaps the story line could be something like he had been in witness protection as a result of the #metoo movement against so many entertainment moguls, but he’s escaped that failed program and is given a cameo appearance so he can send a message to his fans showing the effects abusing drugs like propofol can do to your body; draining it like the Russian sleep experiment. 🐚

Yes, I read into things beyond the average person

There I was, sitting behind a computer trying to access the library's database of newspapers (from home) as the website for The Daily News wasn't budging without a credit card number. The one database I thought might prove useful for a 2002 issue where a story titled...



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Rambling on the sequence project

Here's the mj picture everybody is talking about (or maybe just me, commenting my ideas on different platforms under various user names.) Tell me after 13 years of having lost the "King of Pop", people aren't subconsciously thinking

I don't know what this movie's gonna be about, but don't that lady kinda look like Michael Jackson?

Back in the 80's MJ had a lot of hits. He was releasing hits back to back and probably would've made it into Ripley's Believe it or not had the song Come on Eileen not been released by Dexi's Midnight Runners.

It's not the 80's anymore. In fact 13 years have past -- and didn't I see something on Microsoft Edge's default news congregator that mentions the way Michael Jackson has earned billions of dollars after death? -- and the new fuck-a-duck for reporting to jury duty is to fashionably sport hair long enough, AND thick enough, to look like Bozo the clown (hair recession not required.)

The best way to report for jury duty in downtown Los Angeles is commuting via public transit because driving just opens up a can of worms. For starters, everybody knows that all the prospective jurors in a jury pool have already been under scrutiny by the lawyers selection process. And what are do lawyers good at? surveillance. They can dig up dirt like no other just so they have levity to work with if the case doesn't go their way. In other words, if a they think they're losing their case with the chosen 12 jurors, they will gladly find a way to disqualify any juror they deem unworthy, and driving a car to the court house may result IMHO in having your automobile bugged. God forbid you might be a under the scope of a sleazy former zodiac killer moonlighting for law firms when business at their private investigation office is slow.

When the nineties rolled around, a billboard of a very pregnant lady decorated the streets of L.A. I don't even know what the billboard was advertising, only that it stirred a feeling in the pit of my gut that caused melancholia toward my ex-high school sweetheart. I don't know for sure whether she got herself pregnant by somebody who wasn't me, but the conspiracy I have in mind for #tmtwngm, which revolves around my heartbreak, is she came from a Jewish background and became a Nazi Youth Hunter stalking me because she gained access to a secret Jewish informant that targeted my family for coming to America after Germany lost the war.

There's a whole thing about Albert Fish being my great grand daddy too, but you can see my predicament in my struggles with writers' block.

Long story short, I owned one of Michael Jackson's glittery vests when he was only a toddler, and my high school sweetheart was a big fan of Motown music so she planned to find it and make it her own.

All of this chaos fills my head as I untie my hair only to be disappointed that long hair is not only a pain in the ass to manage, but it never looks as cool as Tom Araya's hair.

Since we're on the topic though, the raining blood scene in Nope: wouldn't that play out nicely with a music score in the background of SLAYERS hot song by the same name?


Nope (pronounced: no-peh)

R (language throughout and some violence/bloody images)

It is like the song "And we run" which sounds like anthem rock (-metal, if there is such a thing), but the lyrics in this song are totally opposite of what anthem music revels.

The interesting trailer for this movie is everything I look for in a film: UFO's, mysterious flash-cuts of eyeballs, and glimpses of a wannit2be Michael Jackson, photo bombing the film set as her returns from the dead in a cameo appearance, or maybe escaping from the witness protection program, although that would be a stretch.

The MPA has this movie rated as R for language throughout and some violence/bloody images.

So how does one chill during this movie? Isn't the space scientist's struggle one of discovering life in outer space a peaceful one, contemplating serenity and a possible mutual belief in Christ?

The main interest of the trailer is the build-up of influential scenes of learning how to capture the "Oprah shot" and retire on those earnings. If this is the gist of the movie, what does it say about DIY ingenuity when violence too earns its place along side the 2+ hour film? one might even say ticks and lewd outbursts go together with successfull scheming.

There's been so much social media hype over the trailers. People are attempting guesses at what the plot could possibly be about. What's with the close-ups clips on eyeballs (horses and lizards), or crawling crabs? As far as I know, crabs like to be around salt water, something that is scarce in New Mexico or Arizona.

One thing to consider is whether this film will meet the expectations all the hype around the trailers has sparked. It's beginning to feel that it is going to be over-hyped. It's been awhile since a good movie worthy of my personal digital library collection surfaces, but I doubt I'll be screening this film in theaters. Even if it is displayed in an iMax theater, I rather watch movies in the comfort of my home where I can relax, pause for restroom breaks, or coffee breaks, depending on whether a movie is a sleeper. This is the way I feel which is why I've gone on extensively about the film being about how Michael Jackson escaped the witness protection program and is trying to regain his fame after disappearing from his fans. Even though it's a stretch, this scenario is going to help me wait while on-demand releases a digital copy, hopefully by Halloween.

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Requiem to a three scene sequence

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GRIDLOCK HWY commute from Coffee nook to…

The outdoor BREAKFAST NOOK became the coffee nook as coffee breaks were not allowed inside the office anymore. Coffee became banned from the office after several accidents spilled over near completed jobs destroying months of work. At first, the coffee machine was swapped for an espresso machine, but most people continued to use the espresso maker to make Americanos and that was how all breaks were limited to the OUTDOOR COFFEE NOOK. Fortunately, being an independent publishing firm, breaks at RS Development weren’t carved out in stone. Even though the espresso drinkers only needed 5 minutes to finish their single shot espresso, the coffee nook became a regular gathering place for creative inspiration.

Slumber Party at the nug e-shack

It's Ouija board night. We're waiting for Rack.
What's your question gonna be, Jenn?--
The Ouija board is siting right here!
She knows how to make it work

storyboard comic strip of a slumber party as imagined by MC flashback fantasy

Does this entry merit clips of Jennifer Stahl from DIRTY DANCING?

This would be the time to immortalize her, plus, what-the-dick with google returning pictures of Abigail Breslin? Considering that the same sort of thing happens when googling Jo Wilder, Jennifer Grey’s mom, how can ANYBODY dismiss the coincidence of the other Carnegie Deli massacre VICTIMS, Stephen King & Charles Helliwell

Courthouse jury duty pool room

Movies that reveal tips and tricks for doing stuff always leave an impression. Since getting out of jury duty might be high on the list of curious minds entertaining full-proof techniques…

Jury duty and the way the old definition (etymological term) of the word COURT was used to mean hitting on women
Who is your gentleman caller that came by yesterday attempting to court his love interest?

Whatever happened to my typewriter for brainstorming screenplay scenes? The short answer is, I’m giving word processing apps a second chance. I shouldn’t say word processors though, when what I’m truly saying is I’m giving computers a second chance. And by computers, I mean my smart phone, my iPad, my laptop, and the ol' desktop “clunker” computer. And the cloud. Thank god for the cloud, however more complex it makes things.

At this stage of the comparison between screenwriting apps, I’ll be focusing on one particular app that also has functions as a markup text editor. Of course, the main feature this app provides is the fountain markup language. So, because I regularly use my blog as a cloud storage server (every time I re-read my entries and go back in to edit them for typos,) my approach to my tmtwngm writing prompt, 3-scene sequence, is about as much a headache as learning to use anchors for YAML markup. I’m writing a narrative of the events before I try to crunch it all together as a fountain file. This will be my first entry doing things this way.

There’s just so many things happening in the sequence I’m working on. There’s jury duty at the courthouse, there’s constant flashback every time Main Character (MC) sees the back of a woman’s head that reminds him of ELLE. There’s the murder mystery behind the Carnegie Deli, the mysterious photo of a walking and talking Otto accident victim who witnessed the deaths of two passengers in the other car. The nose job, the thyroid surgery… and it’s my job to make all these things flow naturally (while keeping the audience’s interest.) I know of a few scenes which I’ve had percolating in my head that couldn’t possibly work. One involves the songs AND WE RUN and UNINVITED because my mind hears words in the lyrics that are open to interpretation and if my name and the MC’s name is different, the conspiracy theory I had in mind dies there. Another would be the parody of the movie Dirty Dancing which I’ve admittedly used as a muse.

I’ve wanted to use the app to create colorful html entries that use h1 tags, h2 tags, h3 tags, etc. One thing this app does is convert your heading text as outline titles. Basically, all I’m doing is blogging my screenplay entries with html headers in place of the SLUG LINES. It’s complicated, yes, but it seems like writing this way may have more rewards than when I hack something out on the typewriter and take a second look at it after I’ve scanned and uploaded it to my blog only to be disappointed with it later.

This is what this project 3-screen sequence prompt means to me. I’m just tired of using a word processor to type my scenarios and every so often losing my stuff to file corruption. Focusing a bit on YAML gave me idea to focus more attention on files structure. I’m doing this similarly to the way XML structure works, creating a bunch of meaningless file folders where content is stored. Because each step to a blog entry is complex and not just chicken pecking at the QWERTY board, I end up with a bunch of BACKUP copies of content that would theoretically be impossible to lose to file corruption or whatnot.

I’m creating the main file folder first which would contain file names equivalent to the topic I’m writing about. Inside that file, I’m storing copies of the HTML table code I like to use for my blog. I use tables for column structure. Then, what I managed to figure out with YAML is a half-witted way to create header settings for an eMail post that would affix my mood, my music, my location, the size of the photos I intend to use in the entry, etc. What it all means is that I’ll be manipulating the content I type like a true editor and pasting it into the file containing the HTML code for tables. Once that’s done, I’ll be copying and pasting all of that into the file where my YAML code is located. I’ll then execute my preferences for mood, security, tags, etc. and export a backup copy in text format. Then I’ll export the HTML format. Then I’ll combine all that exported text into my eMail app and send it to livejournal.𓅱
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May 10, 2001

7:27PM EST


Article: Remember the Carnegie Deli Massacre of 2001
Stalin poster

Death Valley