The idea of using OneNote for organizing screenwriting tasks

The thing about manipulating files is, if you’re using OneDrive, or some kind of cloud service, images may be secured and only viewable by people signed-in to the same cloud service that the image is being projected from.

Journal Entry tab for Screenwriters Workbook Project

Notability is good for using templates to brainstorm ideas with Apple Pencil. After creating the following tabs in OneNote,

  1. Schedule
  2. Journal
  3. Story
  4. Characters
  5. Act1
  6. Act2
  7. Act3
  8. Resources

… it isn’t difficult at all to compose content for the Journal tab and export it as an image file. Image files (jpg, png, gif) are easy to upload to my blog (which isn’t pdf friendly.)

I’m using the iOS bundled Calendar app for scheduling. Again, it’s easy to take a screenshot of the monthly view and/or the weekly view from within the Calendar app and share it to OneNote.

The Story tab is more involved as I have numerous apps on my iPhone and iPad that can be used for composing content for this section. The original blank templates from the Screenwriter’s Workbook appears like comicstrip/storyboard panels the size of a square sticky note. That’s why I’m open to use the following apps for this section.

  • MemoPad 2
  • Inkflow
  • Comic Captions

I’ll tell you what I like about Inkflow. It’s basically an app that allows for basic Apple Pencil writing. It only utilized black ink on a white surface. When I have a few panels sketched out, I can back out of the current page I’m writing on to see a preview thumbnail of all my files. Taking a screenshot of the files this way is like creating a multi-panel comicstrip, although partial margin content is cropped during screen capturing.

MemoPad2 works differently whereas I don’t know where files are saved. While MemoPad has more option to write with, colors, pen width, photoshop imports as native files, etc. it functions differently on an iPhone than it does on my iPad. I hate that!

On an iPhone I can use two fingers to swipe down on the current file to see all files IN A MULTI PANEL FORMAT, which allows me to screen-capture with similar results to Inkflow. But as much as I try to double-finger swipe down on an iPad, I just don’t see anything happen. While it could be as simple a glitch as the MemoPad app not being synched to the same cloud service as my iPhone version of the app, it’s enough of a headache to just default to Inkflow when using an iPad instead of MemoPad.

The Characters tab is something I’m going to try and create a template for in some word processing app like Pages or Notability. Fun fun. The Acts tab are multi-paneled templates easy enough to create. Maybe I’ll designate Inkflow for the Story section and MemoPad for the Acts tabs.

Lastly, Resources. This is basically a Contacts Rolodex type section. I figure the bundled iOS Contacts app would work fine for this. And voilà, instant multi-tool app screenwriter workbook binder.


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I guess the real reason I haven't posted updates to my blog is because of my father falling ill with Covid. It began in January and Pop's been laid up in a care facility since then. We all do our part, my siblings and myself, to assist in his rocovery, but not from Covid as he conquered that weeks ago. He has an infected open wound on his foot that has him bedridden as the doctor has advised not to put any weight on it untll it heals. But the pain that courses through his legs seems to be what really has him laying in bed all day.

Another reason for not writing is technology. JotterPad is the app I've been using for most of my note taking habits.

Whenever I accumulate enough content, I'll usually copy and paste my text to an email application and email my entry to lj instead of using their mobile app. While technology has proved helpful in note taking on the go, composing on a virtual keypad can be arduous. I'm currently typing this entry with a manual typewriter. I plan to take a photo of it later and copy text onto my phone to paste it into JotterPad. JotterPad has templates and I want to try the two-column template. This template uses YAML, and JotterPad exports the finished 2-column page as PDF only.

The goal is to calculate column length this way. Before I discovered this YAML supported template, the way I was composing my 2-column entries was by using the word count feature in JotterPad and dividing by two. This technique was always trial and error. Give and take one or two lines of text to even out the
columns. I prefer creating two columns for my entries because of readability. I'll still be using the same html table code, but instead of copying and pasting the content I write using JotterPad (without tables), I'll be copying the text from the PDF document that JotterPad exports.

What a difference it is to be able to compose content on a manual typewriter rather than a smart phone! Next obstacle in this process will be font size as the columns are going to fluctuate if I can't figure out how to specify a fixed width font for the 2-column PDF version that JotterPad exports. Normally I would reserve the Royal Quiet De Luxe portable for my screenwriting entries, but I began exploring using JotterPad's Fountain feature to compose. I’m indifferent over posting scenes using Fountain output or scanning hard copy to jpg.

Although, the community writing prompt blog I moderate hasn't been tweaked to recognize the fountain html the way has, using css stylesheet for tmtwngm is next on the todo list.

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r/writing circle-jerk parodies writing prompt blogs

My screenwriting question

  1. How to describe in screenwriting when the dialog of the next scene overdubs the current scene as a prelude causing "the audience" to register the audio as off synch. Normally, the synching of audio doesn't take more than a few seconds, The impact of which should have a result of abandoning the gravitas of previous scene with the situation at hand (present scene).
  2. how many tiktokers are you subscribed to and are they Capricorns?

How do you like your bacon? Crunchy, chewy?

Coming up with unique one liners that can make an impact as dialog in the next blockbuster movie.
Who can travel?
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reminds me of that Baldwin boy weaseling out of a murder charge.Collapse )

There’s so many websites on the subject of screenwriting, some of them have begun parodying the writing-prompt-community-structured-blog. And if that's the case, then I may be in the crosshairs (referring to tmtwngm. Hmm? Let me try annd understand what I 'jest said. The above image is a Reddit group. It anppears to be well helmed, to the point of using a Nazi guard policing practice. There’s also a discord group linking themselves with r/writingcirclejerk. From the short while that I was permitted to lurk around before getting myself banned (possibly for an entire month), it seems the bunch overly eager grad students working on a thesis about AI in daily society. You know the type, unemployed scholarly know-it-alls. My first impression of r/writingcirclejerk was originally that of new tactic writing community blogge, a solution to all screenwriting websites out there. The disclaimers are overwhelming, I wish somebody could spend some online time lurking to figure it all out (And explain it to me.) but I’m now reluctant to seek guidance by their overly moderators. Are moderators like cyberspace cops?

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