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The trails available to hike at Griffith Park are listed here. I stay on the main trails for fear of rattler snakes which caution signs all over the trails warn hikers. The trail that leads to the Hollywood sign is called the Lonesome Pine trail. Although it would've been nice to reach the very summit to see the sign (and the lonesome pine), I was mostly interested in finding the Haunted Picnic table which is only half the entire trail. I figured it was 2 miles up, then another 2 miles back down, but the information I had gotten online was that people could park adjacent to the compost location, a hop skip and jump to the start of the Lonesome Pine trail.

From the parking spot I found, near TravelTown, I had to walk another mile. I didn't mind as the walk was described as a trail lined by trees like oak which I have been hunting for for another minor project to obtain oak galls. I've always wanted to gather all the ingredients for making oak gall ink for my calligraphy pens.

Also, the walking stick arrived in the mail and I was anxious to use it. Walking with a cane when you don't need it is awkward, but I'm thankful to have had it with me near the end of my hike as my hip was beginning to give out, leaving my stride with a Charlie Chaplin style hobble. Upon reaching my destination, it wasn't hard spotting it. Articles online describe an alter of devil worshippers, wicca fanatics, and ceremonial trinkets left behind at the location. A group of people, when I entered the picnic area, gathered along the trail — I'd say five individuals, give or take one or two, had paused there possibly looking my way and wondering what I had plans for as I began my photo taking ritual of measuring the light.

Afterwards it dawned on me whether I had just witness ghosts as I had walked the trail completely solo, only encountering few hikers going back down the trail. It was a surprise to see people there talking amongst themselves. My first thought was that I had an audience that wanted to see me enter the wicked location where people have claimed to witness ghosts and evil occurrences.

It wasn't until later that I filled my head with all the ghost stories about the sight. A good thing as I probably would've been overly concerned about my safety if I had known about the dead gardener, or the tree removal crew who witnessed the picnic table shaking on its own as if it were the bed Linda Blair used in the Exorcist movie. Overall, it was a pleasant hike. My iPhone camera seems to be set on LIVE mode, which also uses the microphone. Listening to the photo contains a sound not unlike the ocean from a conch shell.

On the way down from the picnic table location, a chirping bird spoke to me. I couldn't lay eyes on it. It sounded like a baby chick the way they chirp for food when their mother arrives. Maybe I should've recorded it, but I was too busy trying to pin-point where the sound was coming from. I know that if I had all those haunted stories about the location embedded in my head, I would probably have been listening intently to any sounds heard along that trail with attempts to decipher "Leave us alone" and/or "Next time you die."

It's going to be awhile before I get the pinhole camera results. I may decide to return during a different time of day to see if the lighting improves my exposures, but for now I'm really just eager to burn off the ten pounds I gained as a result of Covid19.

The monster surgeon who got away with murder for 30 years

If ever a headline, late in the game like this article, ever meant to substantiate fake news, this one must be the epitome of the term errata. An article seemingly published on July 25, 2023 at a news blog called does NOT address the confusing description, in the headline, of how a New York med student genius ruined a career in medicine FIFTEEN (15) years after his wife disappeared! or do I even have my facts straight? I keep confusing the disappearance of Gail Katz with another headliner describing the execution style murder in a robbery gone wrong in New Uork’s infamous Carnegie Deli, wher Jennifer Katz dies.

Why until now am I discovering so many articles on the subject? This citation in particular only allowed comments from readers for 1 week? I was only searching the Internet for information on the schooling that Gail Katz Bierenbaum may have received for dancing. I know of several mentions about Jennifer Stahl being a dancer. After all, she managed to land a gig as an extra dirty dancer.

Not ready to upgrade my phone to iPhone 15. It’s not like a new feature exists which I’m in need of

Instead of dropping a 1.5k on the biggest phone, I think I’ll wait until I no longer hear people complaining about how hot their phone gets. No doubt, a result of the extended battery life that the new iPhone has been bragging about.

I’ve always felt that, until some hot new feature is launched, and it’s a feature that I cannot do without, then I will happily invest on a new phone. But for now my phone is all paid off and I’m using the bundled camera app to shoot a bunch of black & white pix because…

Here’s an origami spider I made for Halloween. I was about to take it down when I noticed a smudge. I don’t have my magnifying glass, but I swear that smudge looks like a dead fly. The irony.

Light readings

I know , I know. We’re all waiting for my @tmtwngm entry. Ya,righ.~

This is my creativity problem. Just when I’m (supposedly) ready to put all the notes gathered from extensive research together, I pick up a new hobby.


Sounds like pen whore, but whatever a pee Ed n whore might be, my new pinhole camera hobby has nothing to do with whores… I don’t think.

Enjoy some digital exposures taken off pinhole camera exposures for light Reading. I downloaded an app called pinhole meter.

I’m using ISO 400 film. I have a shaky hand. Most daylight exposures seem to give a light reading of less than a second. So I don’t know what is going to come out after I get the film processed. If I do anything right, the next time I upload photos, they’ll be analog.

f 1.6 1/1949s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/4292s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/3401s 3024x3024 9MP

f 1.6 1/4831s 3024x3024 9MP


Meshing the notes I take revolving ‘round Gail

Is Jane Brucker Busy Phillips after possibly receiving cosmetic surgery by Bierenbaum?

Who is Roberta Karnofsky? Another Bierenbaum girlfriend victim

Gail told Bierenbaum she had info that would ruin the careers of both Robert and his father.

The Surgeon's Wife: The Disappearance of Gail Katz-Bierenbaum

Preview of Kieran’s book 2nd edition

“New York homicides: Carnegie Deli murders

Aired Aug 26, 2023 on Oxygen

Precursor to CDM (May 10, 2001)

Arthur Cantor (d. Apr 8, 2001)

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Noted on college rue paper

Wed 1 Aug

John Walsh interviews Robert Levy and Susan Levy in the episode that helped capture Sean Salley ‘Most wanted’ intern program may help
by Hallie Levine Jul 22, 2001

In an interview aired Saturday on Fox (7/7/1 or 7/14/1 fall on Saturdays) season 14 episode 040 and/or episode 041 respectively. /episode-41-July-14-2001

I guess it’s ironic that season 14 aired on the 14th of July but the url is broken for episode 41 Starring John Walsh, Rick Segall, Tom Morris, Jr., Ed Miller, John Turchin, Jimmy Staszkiel, Dan Garrett