Walnut ink on bond paper

Milo the Rothbury Terrier mix's summer spot, and I wish I had a hammock
Milo the Rothbury Terrier mix's summer spot, and I wish I had a hammock

This ink is not water resistant. It flows nicely with my calligraphy dip pens. I haven't yet tried using it as a watercolor for brushes. I would like to spend some time doing that, but I guess it would take some prep time because I'm so use to cross-hatching.

This quick doodle was done from memory. This is the "sweet" lime tree my pops planted way back when. I had gone in and turned the soil back in February only to realize, after the seed took root, that I missed a large quantity of area which now appears to frame all the greenery with ugly brown dirt.  It was then, in May, that I decided I should take notes on this stuff. So, after I took to the bare spots and cultivated the soil, weeding out the weeds, I planted more shade tolerate grass seed around the edges.

I see Milo from time to time escaping the heat of summer by hunkering down underneath a tangerine tree, which I attempted to grow this shade tolerant seed.  However, it didn't take as well as it did underneath the lime tree. I plan on trying that again, but I dunno if it's a good idea now that we're well into summer. And my back! ugh. My doctor totally overlooked my request for a chiropractor referral, and instead referred me to a neurologist who wants to roter-rooter my asshole. This journaling with nib pens and medieval ink recipes is fine for rambling and filling my blog with regular updates, but what I really want to do is storyboards. 

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The iphone has proved challenging when manipulating file formats from app file folders to blog file folders for organization. Using the share button, or rather, accepting the share button as the main course to take on using a photo from one app and using it in your blog (on the phone). It shouldn't really take a lot of time. Am I right?

Here's the scenario. I have a screencap from the laptop. I share that to Airdrop to get it onto my phone — I've given up saving files to a folder on icloud because it just takes too long saving (deciding on the folder). Then it takes too long again when I go into the lj app and spend another 30 minutes finding that folder. Ugh. — Because it always takes me that long to figure out that lj's mobile app doesn't play nice with icloud.

Once on the iphone, I share it to Telegram. Once in Telegram, I use the Gmail Bot to create a new email /new

Tip: I fill out the to: button last. It's important to get the headers in order when you create a new email.
lj-userpic: userpic keywords
lj-tags: greyhounds, potato, wool
lj-mood: happy
lj-music: The Pixies: Where is my mind?
lj-comments: ("off" or "noemail")

I have a dummy file in a cheatsheet tab where I can copy all my headers, paste them into the Gmail Bot, edit them, copy them again, paste them in the final "Message" button prompt. Next, scroll up to the screencap image and long press the image with finger to copy it into RAM. Paste that into the message field as well. It's important that the image follow the headers! Rather, that the headers precede anything in the body of the message!!!

Next, fill in the Subject: Remember 100 characters or less. Then, finally, type the To: information. Click send when prompted.

Then I go back on the laptop, open new post and edit it using the keyboard.

All of this for a picture of the USA with non-marijuana compliant states spelling the word "Lit"

48 drafts, new tags, max headroom, my back is killing me, etc.

One of the features I like about this blogging platform is the way the new editor allows for saving drafts.  I'm still trying to get use to not inserting tags to text I want underlined <ul>, bold <b>, italicized <i>, etc.

clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )
clavical scar img search ( #offensiveencounters #barrenchurchlady #excomm_1st_ammendment_photographers )

What's funnier, watching the way the Prez walks, or surfing the web (social media-ing) and constantly stumbling onto news updates describing the leader of the Minneapolis four, after roughly 40+ days in solitude/prison, requesting to be free from behind bars and permitted to do his time by being placed on probation?  Huh-whu.~

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of what a month has done to the beast within as I understand he was zooming in a room with a concrete wall in the background, orange jumpsuit, etc. I couldn't find any new pix.  A couple of new articles covering the federal indictment hearing describe the degenerate as being held in a state facility, under federal custody.  I dunno about anybody else, but I'm feeling a vibe that a federal prosecution might run the trial as a domestic terrorism case; the only possible outcome in a guilty verdict being a last cigarette.

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Twitter is becoming the go to app for news agencies to bait readers for subscriptions

Pet peeve
Pet peeve

I still remember trying to get my tweet within the 200+ characters limit. I would go back to review it before tweeting and edit common words with abbreviations like "ur" for your, you're and whatever else I could archival shorten.

I'm not so big on the Twitter scene. I still remember to alt method to the madness of brevity by composing my tweets on 3rd party apps so I could later screenshoot it and tweet that way. I could be as long winded as I wanted.

Now it seems I find a lot of news conglomerates announcing stories with links that don't allow ppl to read without donating and subscribing. What's the world coming to?