vloggers seem to be stealing local network broadcasters’ viewers

Yelena Friedman video

Now that the WGA strike is over, perhaps more people find themselves scrolling TikTok videos instead of the 11 o’clock news. I recharge the phone during the night, so my logic is ‘might as well drain the battery watching videos’. And that usually works well if you aren’t still awake at 3:57AM. — by the way, have you heard that an eclipse might shadow the US on the 14th? — I’m usually sitting in front of my TV from the time I get home from work, since I eat dinner in front of it too, to the time I drag myself to bed, 3AM.

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Book jacket design, not boob jacket, Otto.

kicking myself over the head as I recall seeing this book pass thru my hands as a donation, but I didn’t think to snatch it for my own. Now I search public library catalogs for it only to find that no place convenient has it available for check first I was just interested in checking the cover price because all the major book stores are listing this title for $20+, and in my research efforts I discovered that it sold for $6.50 when it made it to the New York bestseller's list (for one week) on October 7, 2001.

I've been reading this other title. Don't they look alike? I am still undecided whether I will pay the price being asked for for Kieran crowley'S book. There are two other editions out on the market, a reprint which I believe came out a couple years after 2001. And Dr. Death, a shorter version containing only 304 pages to the original publication of 400+ pages.

I just think it odd that zero libraries have this item. Why? Could it be

Because nobody is dumb enough to hash out 20 smackeroos on a book listed as non fiction? Personally, I feel The case had a lot of holes.

Also, because there are different versions, I would like a chance to skim through the pages of each to look for such things as differences in photo plates, as well as the differences in content from the first publication to the 2008 Dr death copy for possible updates to dues on who did what.

So I got online and started inquiring about book stores that may have a copy in stock. Is it me or is it weird
that book stores don't have a copy for browsing either? Scandalous. Well I haven't scoured over all the retailers in Los Angeles to check if Dr death might be available. But as far as I know , The Dr death version is still listing as $6.79 for a new copy.

Publisher information seems to be headquartered in the U.K. For something that found its way to a mainstream market and reach tenth place for at least One week in 2001, when 911 happened, I would wager that the Royals might be behind the suspiciousness. Upon searching out journalists contributing to the Carnegie Deli massacre, I discovered that one of the authors of an article in the New York Post, Larry CELONA,his name happens to be an anagram for Royal Lancers.

Then there's that rumor I heard that Sarah Ferguson was near the twin towers when they were attacked. Following through on that tidbit,/ also learned that after Sarah Ferguson divorced, she came out to America to work for a livery as she had created an enormous debt for herself. Did you know somebody going by Sarah Ferguson also wrote the article about Max cantor'S death? THE strange, sad death of Max cantor - Esquire magazine.

The only reason I'm reading dangerous doses is because the author Katherine Evan wrote articles on the Carnegie Deli massacre under the name Katherine finkelstein. But I digress. I'm almost finished reading it and I plan to continue with bottle of lies. It's stimulating scenarios in my mind as possible backstory of JENNIFER STAHL. Considering The Bierenbaum murder of his wife who also dabbled in controlled substances, I might have an idea for a movie to continue the dirty dancing epic.
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Composite traits that make a haunted movie. In search of the real Jennifer Stahl and the empty grave

There's so much more I want to post here. There is a resemblance to Busy Philipps and Bierenbaum's Vegas girlfriend. I've started to compare Gail Katz's ears with Jennifer Stahl's ears in the few pictures that exist on the Internet. My theory is that plastic surgery has a major part in the missing surgeon's wife, Gail Katz. The coincidence that Gail Katz surname was the same a Jennifer Grey's grandfather's last name seems to cement this idea.

I was doubting these stories authenticity/fact-checking since I know of at least one NY Post article out there
I was doubting these stories authenticity/fact-checking since I know of at least one NY Post article out there
This is what i do now, find typos on the Internet. Hulu is airing episode 3 as a season 44 broadcast
This is what i do now, find typos on the Internet. Hulu is airing episode 3 as a season 44 broadcast

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Buffy plumes

I will never understand why peeps walking in LOS ANGELES don't have their smart phone camera at the ready. My pappy use to say he never understood why people walking down the street always have their face glued to their phones. Maybe I scare easily juxtaposing how the elderly don't have an interest in digital technology and suffer from it in an ever changing world racing to invent things, like police robots so that human peace officers aren't injured or given the bad rap like the goon squad from Mississippi. I guess when you have free social media apps running on your phone, it isn't enough to write a bad review for door dash proclaiming their hiring practices of scum of the earth to deliver your food. Doing so (submitting bad reviews) may require checking your Yelp review periodically if only to confirm that it's been approved, then affirming that it hasn’t been removed (by corporate COOs), and eventually just screenshooting the review if it makes it onto the platform so as to prove that your testimony had indeed been written at one time or another.

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Stepped outside for lunch today. Carrot wheather app predicted a high of 82°F degrees. While 82 isn't the worst heat to walk in, I think it was the uv index that really made my skin sizzle. The sprinklers of an apartment complex were spilling over along the sidewalk, and while many people might argue that their feet would have to be barefoot before being able to detect the temperature difference under their feet where the water was streaming, it's the power of suggestion that my shoes rely on to happily tread over clean water. Today was mesmerizing. I learned it was Code Talkers Day today and just above the horizon I could see a faint smoke signal against the white clouds.

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I think just last week a new Buffalo Wild Wings opened up. Just look at all the empty seats where, even in LOS ANGELES, if you're at a restaurant, smoking is prohibited. How are people supposed to build an appetite this way? Isn't it interesting? cafe shops popularized (writers) working remotely by hanging out all day until inspiration strikes, yet there are some who rely on a good smoke to spark creativity. And yet, it's prohibited even if sitting outdoors in a patio to smoke. Isn't it a little bit like bringing the luke-warm war to the people just by the realization that a peace officer's primary function is to subdue/overbear wrongdoers who may be law abiding citizens?
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