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Two people drinking Frappuccinos seated at the small patio nook table. When a pesky fly lands nearby, one of the two customers reached out to it and flicks it. The second person seated next to the flicker guy doesn't really see what happened and discards the gesture as her friend simply flicking a crumb left on the table from a previous person.

The fly spins in circles, dazed, as it tries to take flight again. The person responsible for having flicked the fly, casually swoops it up and pops it into his mouth.

We see his companion's puzzled look as she tries to understand what it could possibly have been that her friend popped into his mouth. We hear a snapping crunch, much like the sound gum chewing fanatics do every time they pop their gum between their teeth, and the puzzled look becomes one of disgust and we look on at the expression the unsuspecting coffee drinker makes as her imagination thinks the worse.


What was that?


What was what?


A room full of prospective jurors await their turn for the selection process. As names are being called, people shuffle from their chair to the next group of jurors gathered to meet the judge in the trial they're being selected for, which is probably good that their names are being called immediately after lunch so that food comas and snoring isn't an issue.



When did you get that haircut?


It's a Buzzcut.


I'm sorry but that looks nothing like a buzzcut.



My bad, Buzz Osborne. It's a Buzz Osborne... your honor.
I asked my barber to give me a Buzz Osborne.


What is your barbers name?




You're barber's female.


I couldn't say. I don't know Em that well to tell you her preferred pronouns.


Half the jury pool is bored and sleeping as the conversation between AARON and the Judge continue onward.


Last night I had a dream. I never remember my dreams. This one must've been important. It was about the lead singer of a heavy metal band that was being sentenced to about three months in prison.
The crowd of fans were screaming and yelling in support of their favorite band. Everybody thought it was wrong to incarcerate him just because of the lyrics he sang.
They were passing around his personal phone number so that people could call him and leave messages of support on his answering machine.
Gabby Petito was there. She was the one who handed me a can of soda where the band's frontman's phone number was printed. I dropped the can and it rolled away and into a ditch.




By the time the can settled in place and out of reach, Gabby was already on her way back home, taking a hiking trail dangerously narrow.
I had called to her about the can. I wasn't certain if I'd be able to reach it without her help. This must've distracted her enough to trip and fall where she landed square against a metal barrier. I could hear the snap her spine made as I cringe away too late to avoid the sight of her back bending like a piece of paper.


Witness protection?

There's a lot of videos on youtube being streamed for the movie trailer Nope. is one of them, the one I commented the question 'is that MJ?'

MJ after 13 years in hiding while propofol abuse takes it's toll
MJ after 13 years in hiding while propofol abuse takes it's toll

Overthinking this clip blows the mind. What do we know about MJ? He was addicted to the drug propofol and benzodiazepin, or at least that's what we're told. What if it was a coverup to free MJ from the public eye? No doubt there's ways to administer the witness protection program for every citizen residing in America—look at Alec Baldwin and the Kenosha Kid.

So, but, the video trailer had been up, on youtube, since 9 June and anybody who had commented on it, commented on it weeks ago. My question in the comment thread straggled in after all 1,324,293 views had been said and done. Maybe here on LJ somebody will reply to the MJ question. Is it he? back from witness protection, displaying his impacted body only to warn people of the dangers drug abuse has on the body?

PROMPT: write about a decisive character 


Change please

Embedding does NOT receive html well. I shall continue to use my email server for alternative methods of posting here on lj. I’m just glad the war in the Ukraine hasn’t affected the server here in America. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government imposes a ban on the server altogether. One of the perks of learning the ins & outs of JotterPad is that the markup symbols also apply to Twitter. Haven’t you ever wanted to bold your text while tweeting? I’m not 100% that all… .fountain markup works with Twitter but the symbols are nothing like tags that, if it doesn’t work it just leaves ur entry that much harder to read. An underscore for italicizing, an asterisk for bolding text doesn’t effect readability so much when it doesn’t work. It kinda just gives the effect of a footnote symbol and who really pays attention to that while reading? It helps knowing about the lj-raw tag too. And there’s a lot of features that’ll create your tags for you. I never really got good at creating lists and tables, so if an app like JotterPad can export html for tables,.. that’s just honky-dory. for instance, one of the first two html codes I committed to memory was the img src tag and the a ref tag. JotterPad does it differently and I hope to try it out with twitter soon. In the meantime it’ll be really cool if I could find a way (in JotterPad) to manipulate image size easily so I don’t have to tweak the html code. Or other tricks, like how do I align text to start at the top of a table. Or making baseline text flow evenly between column for that matter.

Different ways to watch your favorite news reporter on TV

I wish I knew who it was that commented on the tragic events that occurred in Uvalde, Texas with a live shooter. Ever since Columbine, people been saying something has gotta be done about guns. As of yet, nothing seems to be changing except the legalization of marijuana (almost as if to send a message to the people to CHILL).

The commentator may have been a politician. Whomever it was — lessee if I can google it — the gist is that the people are out of their league against the NRA and for change to happen, news media AND the Internet need access to body cam footage of the aftermath of the slaughter.

That’s the bottom line and these days, The people cannot even hack the system and publish online authentic footage for fear of repercussions. Just see what’s happening to Julian Assange. What’s the harm, in America, if a journalist who happened to obtain the bloody carnage (in detail) AND VIEWED IT, goes on record broadcasting what he’s witnessed?

I expect something like that would be harrowing to listen to despite the lack of photos. My opinion is that even a a heart wrenching description of bones protruding out of a young body while it fights to sustain life would turn people to act against current laws allowing this to happen and put politicians on the spot. Where’s the freedom of speech when not even the dark web has content on this material?

It’s hard for me to believe that it isn’t provided to veteran journalists. So when I watch the news, I look into the eyes of reporters telling me the gas prices are blamed on oil refineries, the recession is coming to an end soon, the Trump trial status quo, etc. and I wonder… did this high profile reporter see that footage personally and did it change him? Can I see the change in his eyes?


Taking a break from reading before I nod off

My new 2-song playlist might not be the most harmonizing songs to loop, but I really like the way the lyrics take on AOR structure. I don't believe in vampires, nor am I a fan. If I had to choose a Halloween costume, my first choice would be a werewolf followed by a zombie.

Dark shadows seems to maintain that stereotypical ritzy, high society concept that Dracula portrays in my mind. Then again, I was a big fan of vampires when I was growing up watching the black & white Bella Lugosi films.

I am looping the Misfits live version of that song because it ends with vocals wishing the audience a happy Halloween. This kind of breaks the fast pace tempo long enough for the transition to Gonna kill u. Does anybody take Gwar serious as a band? I mean, aren't they a bit like Tenacious D?

Sometimes I just worry how my readers might interpret a song with lyrics like Gonna kill u. This has to be the one song I know of by Gwar that alludes to the parody their songwriting style takes on. While I love the deep throaty vocals, the singer also has a touch of hillbilly, redneck undertones. It makes me grin yet I can't stop grooving to the melody.

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Will the next major elections top previous mud slinging tactics?

Follow the plunge

Funny ha-ha or honey, f-f-f-retchThe other day sb came up with a question on how this new voting system works. I remember just before covic, how voting ballots had changed and I wanted nothing to do with it. So I stopped altogether with the premise that casting no vote might exclude me from jury pools.

The guy asking this question felt that if anybody knew how to cast a vote on the new ballots, it would be me. He said, "I don't understand how or why citizens in this country who have the opportunity to vote, don't vote."

I get a lot of questions and it's my job to answer questions as simplified as possible. In other words, getting philosophical about his perplexion on the stand people may or may not have on the subject of elections is a librarian's job. So, I responded with "One day I decided I wasn't going to vote, and so I don't vote." The guy after all was bilingual and I wasn't sure he was understanding my English, or if I was conveying myself properly in Spanish.

Upon reflection how screwed up legislative branches behave, especially ombudsman/tyrants abusing their authority, I've come up with the reason why America is crumbling. I'm sure it wasn't easy obtaining the footage of running candidates spitting phlegm into the same glass of water she swigs from, but what are the chances that a fly would kamikaze the VP during a nationally televised debate? These are the reasons IMO this country is the way it is when it comes to addressing the most urgent problems on peoples’ minds


Batteries, memory, and my reluctance to upgrade my phone

arpeggios or what was I watching in 2004?

... that I totally missed The girl next door? And what of the battery question for Apple dev dept? Batteries or memory for iPhone 14?

My current headache

Some websites make sharing images complicated

Bars Here's an attempt to share a sheet of guitar tabs.

It is supposed to be a sheet of music tabs for arpeggios but the website is using a scalable vector graphics image fir which my JotterPad app doesn't know what to do with. The days of good ol' jpg, png, or gif files are over.

It's almost like websites that flourish with eye-candy, like the new Edge browser's default headline news congregation page, hypnotize Edge users just long enough to dump their image urls to oblivian the next day.

Bloody aftermathIs it anywhere near taboo to Google photos of what law enforcement witnessed with their body cams after the massacre of a Uvalde elementary school? The media interviews of gun control advocates aired comments revealing what it would take to defeat the NRA -- allowing people in this country to see the bloody mess left behind.

Honestly, it would be a bad idea for Americans to see what happens to a child when a high velocity bullet mangles their body. After catching bits and pieces of news concerning tragedies caused by live shooters, there doesn't seem to be any change on the horizon until those gory pictures are published.

Passion of the christIt's no wonder. When I screened The girl next door, I was surprised to see the young faces of some actors I recognized from other flicks I watched. But in 2004, the following movies were what I was enjoying. I even took my mom to see Passion of the Christ.

Howl's moving castlesI was going to meetups for screenwriters and Napoleon Dynamite was a hoot.Napoleon Dynamite

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