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Reports of earthquakes near the border of California/Mexico, an area dubbed Calexico, was on the news the other day 10 April.

 Echo Park has also had an earthquake or two.  When I say Echo Park, I mean that  I felt the 4.0 temblor centered around Lennox, Calif.  I Couldn't feel the Calexico quake.  It's obviously too far, but I did wake up during remnants of a vague nightmarish dream my memory can't exactly get out of my head.  Call a spade a spade, the nightmare was about the "BIG ONE".  The vivid nightmare was the quake.  Can you imagine a dream in which you're experiencing an earthquake?  

Experiencing the moment that a major chunk of California real estate sinks into the ocean?

But I don't recall experiencing any water so much as spinning.  I know, I know.  Earthquakes sway.  Sometimes jolt, but spin?  Nah.  Well, you heard it here first.  It was a rollercoaster effect in which the plate underneath completely detaches itself from the earth and independently rotated similarly to the way the earth rotates on its axis, the only difference being that the whole of Los Angeles was spinning on its own axis.  The end result was the Earth separating from a chunk of land equal to 321K acres of land.  Spinning in a rotation of a compass wheel.  That's a pretty serious quake.

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Because they still need to be free to express themselves not only for
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Why do people write on Quora when there’s no payment?
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Because they still need to be free to express themselves not only for
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Why do people write on Quora when there’s no payment?
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MTA bus driver caught peeing in public

My arm hurts. I think I have arthritis but these days I can’t even get a personal physician to evaluate me, to ask if I should be concerned. These pandemic days all doctor appointments are made as zoom or phone calls. Alex Jones’ website has a holocaust survivor claiming that the COVID pandemic is worst than living through Nazi era in Europe.

The ugly truth about my arthritis is how I discovered I have arthritis in my elbow. Exercising. It’s frustrating trying to be healthy by exercising on the treadmill, only to later realize I over did it with the dumbbell weights. Having overdone the dumbbells while walking on the treadmill, I had been expecting a little muscle soreness, but that usually decreases after a few weeks. This time was different. I haven’t found the motivation to restart my treadmill routine, without dumbbells, and try to get some cardio exercise in my regimen, so whenever I have an opportunity to walk to the grocery store, like so many people do with their pedometer fitness apps/devices, I walk instead of drive and call it a day.

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heaven et hell

Evil Otto — index card

I've identified the bug.  They don't call me Bugsplat for nothing.

The problem we have here… is that IRL the concept of assuming a second identity, be it a result of, witness protection program, writing under a pseudonym, personality disorder, etc. when MC decides to answer to a totally, completely, from-left-field, name, he does so knowing that he does so only because he desires to be open to the idea of bumping into one of his childhood friends.  The friend.  Ex-gf no doubt.  In tmtwngm, MC goes from Bier to Bierde.  The TRANSITIONER.

Here I was, trying to come up with a reason why there was such a mix up in who what when where why of Raquelle being known as Elle, when the answer to this obstacle in the MC is his own transition from MALE to FEMALE.  Isn't that weird?  The way the brain works, eh…  at least mine.

The conflict is that if MC goes from Bier to Bierde, his reasons for doing so strictly related to picking out a cool name for himself the way rock stars do, adopting the name as their own.  But, Bierde didn't like being called Bierde and why he would think it was anymore spectacular a name than Bier is beyond anybody's guess I'm sure.  If MC overcomes conflict of identity, does it directly contribute to his DSM (dissociate amnesia)?  What a headache, and as it turns out wrgaf?

It's a minor thing to some, but I intend to link assumed identities with something marvelous.  What would my rock star name be?  Head Ace

Leaving out the "h" in ache in my last name.

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screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

ELLE — index card

Elle is every woman MC has ever considered whom upon learning more about her would reveal his exact soul mate.  Everything about Elle, her face, her move, her physique is the woman of his dreams, yet unobtainable.  Elle is the fly that whizzes by to photobomb a video.  Too good to strike a pose the way it did on Michael Pence's head during his vice-presidential debate against Kamala Harris.  Quite frankly, Elle is too good for MC.  She is the Mona Lisa (mon Elise) which Da Vinci carried with him wherever he went.  Elle is the lyrics of an anthem song about you, with undisputed words audibly calling you out by name, and leaving you to wonder about the singer songwriters who wrote it and how and why they chose to sing about you.

Elle's backstory is the shocker, learning that you had the lyrics all wrong after reading them off the EP cover or the Internet and feeling foolish about it.  It's fake boobs, it's debt for killing two people in a traffic accident, it's anything in your life going south so everything seems to look good to you now.  It's the thing that makes Elle who she is, and it's the reason why she also falls for MC.

How to write Elle's backstory?

We must shock the listener with MC's version of AND WE RUN by revealing it to Elle, the crutch it creates in her love interest's life.  While MC is on cloud 9 listening to the song:

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Juror questions during selection process in Minneapolis is like "If uprising occurs as a result…"

I guess I must miss it.  Haven't been selected for jury duty in a couple years now.  Seems like staying away from the voting polls really does work.  Got out of bed an hour earlier today thanks to daylight savings time.  When I shower, I'll sometimes find a radio station on my phone to listen to, usually KGO, but recently I found a news/talk station out of Minneapolis because of the upcoming trial.  I'm using Radio Garden app for that.  … and that's where Stephanie Miller disappeared to…

Another good source for news is youtube.  This morning I stumbled onto a live broadcast of the George Floyd trial's jury selection.  Welcome to the dark side.  I've succeeded to nip my spending spree on on-demand content by convincing myself to ignore the little stars ratings system as it's bogus to my taste in determining which movies I'm going to enjoy.  What really helps to narrow down my movie tastes is limiting consideration to R rated flicks, adventures, comedies, nothing glamorizing cops, and preferably something that might have a cool music score.  But I've gotta say, the Three Stooges was hella funny.


The ol' reverse pin-the-tail on the donkey technique

Don't know where to start.  Scott Myers doesn't seem to go into very much detail in his "how to" screenwriting tip: index cards.  Okay, okay, I just want to say that index cards are obviously more effective for note taking on the fly.  Jotting ideas down as fast as they come to my mind; so why the heck then did I go and bring out the calligraphy nibs, eh??  Size 2 nib, iron gall ink.  Then switching to brown, blue and black ink.  I'll tell you why.  

Because it's pretty.  There!  

Anyway, I'm just gonna close my eyes and grab a card and I'm going to brainstorm, or research, or dream (while sleeping on the job), and eventually, I will find something worthy to jot down on that index card.  Of course, I'll share it all with you.  I'll be updating my progress at the movie that will never get made prom com.  I am finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about the project.  It was funner when I didn't know what I was doing.  Now that I have an objective (the outline), the OCD starts kicking in.  The falling asleep at all the previous scenes I've hacked out on the ol' typewriter when trying to refer to them for notes.  Content.