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Bier de Stone

This thing called PROGRAMMING is transitioning my very definition of what being creativite means. I find it fascinating and one of my favorite passtimes while behind a computer. I'm developing a community of writers who also like to brainstorm their blog updates by writing their irl characters into the scenes to produce entries (as hardcopy scans) of filmscript typecasts.

← Here's a sample

I never stopped fantasizing of becoming a famous cartoonist, so most if not all of my entries are intended to see humor in something. Cartooning.~ what a career choice… I see how lame that was now.

Did I mention I'm also a calligraper. I'm one of the few people who write gothic lettering when I jot stuff down. I use a manual typewriter for updating my blog, but these days I'm asking people to add me to access those entries or join tmtwngm community.

My current reading interests are PHP and MySQL.

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