That one time on the radio somebody blurted book-coding -- there being no reference to it online...

Perhaps like so many times I've misinterpreted song lyrics, or deliberately changed lyrics to cater to my own emotional needs, I think 'book oding' May be a thing. Like a poet's artistic license to create new words, oding is probably a reference to ode.

I need Eye drops for my dry eye symptoms. Lately I've been noticing extra moisture on my left eye which constantly causes little eye booger rocks after it dries.

My car is filthy. Shall take it to a professional car washing facility because I'm tired of delicately climbing into it trying not to touch it with any part of my body or clothes.

Does el Chapo really need a night-lite?

I tried making a shopping list, but everyone I go into a CVS looking for RAINBATH, the blue flavor, I'm disappointed to only see amber.

Is buying incense in Chinatown cheaper than getting them at smoke shops? The insects biting me just before sunset when I stand out in the yard trying to water the plants is driving me nuts.

How much would you spend on a couch armrest cover?

I keep telling myself I'm going to update my blog with scanned hard copies of typewriters generated entries to reduce exposure to my iPhone retina display, but it's so much harder to compose a screenplay formatted page than it is to ramble and slowly deteriorate my eyeballs.

When cars fly
When cars fly

Rode on the bus yesterday and felt $1.75 for air-conditioned travel was a treat over sitting at home in front of a fan.

Canceled doordash subscription. Delivery driver can be huge arseholes.

I'm using filter text from my brain to accompany my photo of the proximity of my local coffee shop. If you snooze you lose. Speaking of, the 🐈⬛ is getting along with the 🐱. 8-ball isn't rough housing with Frankie so much, but I still feel guilty separating them while I'm at work. Doubly guilty about keeping them cooped up in the oven my house becomes during summer.

Are the small air conditioner cubes I've been seeing online reliable? I wouldn't mind keeping the gigantic portable water cooling fan on all day if it didn't make that gouging noise when the water reserve dries up. And there's no point in running the fan without water.

Walk to Starbucks in 90 paces
Walk to Starbucks in 90 paces


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