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I didn't see a thing. I don't know a thing…

No comment. Is freedom ringing? Hm. Lemme see. Yesterday somebody got busted by security. It's the kind of thing that makes news now-a-days, but I only say that because the news can cover such depressing issues. Like, how on earth will animal control coax a baby bear down from a telephone pole without harming it. What happened yesterday wasn't serious. Boys will be boys, but not even that describes the minor infraction. Of course, if this had been an issue that L.A. dwellers would've liked to see on their local news, then us employees are expected to conserve the right to plead the fifth. "No comment" I will ever be express my 2¢ if I'm likely to be reprimanded. People hear about bloggers getting canned because they write about their job all the time. That's genuine American politics at work.

So, if I wasn't going to say anything, what am I ranting about? Hell if I know. I was just sitting at my cubicle minding my own business when one of the suspects (and I hesitate to refer to the minor as such), was brought into the workroom for a little policy refresher course. I recall an ultimatum, but I can't mention it here. So to keep the interest of my readers, I'll simply say, the ultimatum was to ignore the commotion and try to tune out by focusing on what was playing on Jack FM. Or, lower the volume of Jack FM and assume the despondent citizen lending a helping hand to our men in blue. What captured my interest was the first words coming out of our security personnel. It went something like this "What are you doing with all the cars?", but of course, that wasn't the issue. The issue had something to do with Cards. Library cards.

Then, this morning I hear on the radio something about a Doctor living in Florida who got busted wearing a Captain America costume and a burrito in his tights. The burrito was key, because I've had my car vandalized by pigs who don't seem to know that uneaten, unwanted food goes inside the trashcans, not strewn in front of my windshield. I recall perfectly that when I left home for work, there was no burrito obstructing my view, so, the burrito must've been somebody's idea to inhibit my driving. Did I hear something remotely close to a follow-up. No! So I was happy that this youngster yesterday was given the third degree and IMO his rights infringed upon. I only had to imagine HIM as the culprit with the burrito.

Burrito's mean a lot to me. They taste delicious and they sound like Brito. Brito in turn sounds like "espirito" (Spanish for spirit). Being a zombie, spirits have great sentimental value. It scares me when I think that whomever threw the fast food at my car was intending to convey prejudicial insult. The other day, a customer said to me that I had an attitude because he thought I didn't hand him his cash receipt. His reasoning was, I have such a nice job and I should be more obliging. Arschloch! If I truly did have a nice job, you never would've opened your mouth to express your half arsed opinion.

Stenches have been coming from the trash area outside the building. An obvious retaliation from the restless youth. Last month it smelled like rotting fish, last week it smelled like a rotting dead cat. What's next?


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