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If I could tell a short story using these index card doodles, what would it be about?

Index card / doodle merge - Inkflow app

Index card / doodle merge - Inkflow app

We begin with the **DRAGONFLY** as it is the only living creature on earth that knows about time warp portals. It is a grim opening scene of a funeral where some of the WREATHS displayed contain Spanish Eyes floral designs, a flower that attracts these types of insects.

The dragonfly takes us on a rollercoaster ride through its flight when we approach the **DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS BY MULTI PANEL SCREEN** index card doodle. Here is where the story opens up to different times and places as each panel contains a scene which the dragonfly must choose AND enter. Once it decides, the insect will appear in the **TIME TRAVEL DEIRDRE** index card doodle. **DEIRDRE**(45) happens to be an editor for the publication.

There is a lonesome writer (MC) sitting beside the arch structure trying to find inspiration by reflecting at the mysterious monument built by a race of people nobody knows anything about. As he types on his vintage typewriter, we are taken into the lives of a young struggling writer, **MOLLY**(32) working at an independent publishing firm headquartered out of a residential neighborhood duplex. The dragonfly morphs into a housefly displaying its skill at escaping **FLY SWATTERS** by moving out of its way at a speed of **30MPH** from zero in a split second.

We cut to a different scene where a new character is introduced as **DEIRDRE**. She is dumbfounded by MCs ability to flick flies dead with his finger. She simply cannot swallow the fact that she possesses so many different fly killing tools, which has cost her a small lump of money which she could’ve been using to buy herself stuff that may have taken her mind off of how much she hates the flying insect, flies especially and the way they buzz over one’s meal all the time doing who know what; possibly letting a bomb of poop drop directly onto a plate of fried chicken.

This makes her angry but she cannot distinguish whether the burning sensation she is experiencing is anger, at MCs ability to rid flies from his house so easily, or whether she is experiencing **HOT FLASHES**.

Returning to previous scene where **MOLLY** interacts with her coworkers. Something drastic occurs in the workplace and she is trying to get the lowdown from her circle of friends. A **POLICEMAN** clad in a hot pink uniform which nobody is certain is **CLOTHING** or just missing altogether revealing a FULLY NUDE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER wearing a gun belt and badge much like a nude MALE STRIPPER.

It is obvious that whatever has occurred is so dire that the police have shown up, but **MOLLY** has yet to understand what it is as she’s too engaged in a memory byte from her traumatic high school years when one of the popular girls, she discovered, was hiding her bosom in gym class because, as she put it, they freakishly developed from one day to the next AND she wanted to gradually reveal her cleavage in order to avoid bullying. MOLLY was too dense and nerdy to see that this particular minor was able to undergo cosmetic surgery for breast enhancement.

**THE SKELETON JAW BONE** becomes the writer sitting at a computer, portrayed by the skull, frozen in time as the story ends with a grim climax of a deserted planet like Mars with only rocks and dirt in its landscape.

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