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Everything Is all very hush hush about these typecasts. The original scan is like 200MB or some ridiculous size for what I'm using it for at the writing prompt blog. So I reduced it's size, converted it to a jpg file instead of PDF and all so I could upload it to scrapbooks. Just don't want to be fiddling with large files when I'm still editing my bs entry. Jotterpad needs image URL so it can display pretty-like for when I bring out the Apple Pencil. If you cannot see the typecast of a one-page scene, it's probably because you aren't member of the writing prompt community blog here on live journal You can always ask nicely and sign up for a livejournel account. I'm thinking of reading this page out myself to get an idea of Timing? I haven't made this public officially (Press release) but all of my analog, hard copy, typewritten, pica size lettering scans are from now on being uploaded as entries at "the movie that will never get made" acronym site.

 That's tmtwngm * The new scanner is nice. I wish I could’ve pulled a couple scenes out from under my head after during trying to Configure it to the network. This page is being called MRD. the prompt is simply getting all aspects of dialog to refer to all the things I need to happen: the hot pink uniforms, the fly, the love story, etc. I don’t think I’ve succeeded yet, what with the previous prompt being a sequence that wrapped everything up in a tacito. C’est la vie. I didn’t think I’d have it in me to separate myself from the story long enough to deal with private affairs. So turns out it’s easy to just ignore my blog to make more me time. It’s always possible to leak out the distractions keeping me away in a scene or two. But here it is. It’s the environment of a busy Indy firm publishing their way to uncertain destiny’s. When I’m done, we’ll be linking BIER’s fly outburst with the hot pink uniform reform on police uniforms defunded to their bare pink asses, we’ll be doing a lot of things as this is only one page of background significant dialog going on that will harness a spunky way to keep the audience mindful not to miss anything. So pay attention readers!


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