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Was "Oh my papá" as sung by Jim Nabors a song about the Pope?

I guess the real reason I haven't posted updates to my blog is because of my father falling ill with Covid. It began in January and Pop's been laid up in a care facility since then. We all do our part, my siblings and myself, to assist in his rocovery, but not from Covid as he conquered that weeks ago. He has an infected open wound on his foot that has him bedridden as the doctor has advised not to put any weight on it untll it heals. But the pain that courses through his legs seems to be what really has him laying in bed all day.

Another reason for not writing is technology. JotterPad is the app I've been using for most of my note taking habits.

Whenever I accumulate enough content, I'll usually copy and paste my text to an email application and email my entry to lj instead of using their mobile app. While technology has proved helpful in note taking on the go, composing on a virtual keypad can be arduous. I'm currently typing this entry with a manual typewriter. I plan to take a photo of it later and copy text onto my phone to paste it into JotterPad. JotterPad has templates and I want to try the two-column template. This template uses YAML, and JotterPad exports the finished 2-column page as PDF only.

The goal is to calculate column length this way. Before I discovered this YAML supported template, the way I was composing my 2-column entries was by using the word count feature in JotterPad and dividing by two. This technique was always trial and error. Give and take one or two lines of text to even out the
columns. I prefer creating two columns for my entries because of readability. I'll still be using the same html table code, but instead of copying and pasting the content I write using JotterPad (without tables), I'll be copying the text from the PDF document that JotterPad exports.

What a difference it is to be able to compose content on a manual typewriter rather than a smart phone! Next obstacle in this process will be font size as the columns are going to fluctuate if I can't figure out how to specify a fixed width font for the 2-column PDF version that JotterPad exports. Normally I would reserve the Royal Quiet De Luxe portable for my screenwriting entries, but I began exploring using JotterPad's Fountain feature to compose. I’m indifferent over posting scenes using Fountain output or scanning hard copy to jpg.

Although, the community writing prompt blog I moderate hasn't been tweaked to recognize the fountain html the way has, using css stylesheet for tmtwngm is next on the todo list.

I'm excited to say that I received an SMS from none other than the Manhattan Madame and we exchanged dialog wherein I explained, in a nutshell, who the hell I am, to her! I don't know how much influence my vote has in a country that is battling voting poll corruption, but I asked her to run in 2024. Between Kamala Harris and Kristin Davis, or any other female candidate, my vote is for the Manhattan Madame.𓅱

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