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r/writing circle-jerk parodies writing prompt blogs

My screenwriting question

  1. How to describe in screenwriting when the dialog of the next scene overdubs the current scene as a prelude causing "the audience" to register the audio as off synch. Normally, the synching of audio doesn't take more than a few seconds, The impact of which should have a result of abandoning the gravitas of previous scene with the situation at hand (present scene).
  2. how many tiktokers are you subscribed to and are they Capricorns?

How do you like your bacon? Crunchy, chewy?

Coming up with unique one liners that can make an impact as dialog in the next blockbuster movie.
Who can travel?
this maniac (Hsu Can Tran) who massacred a group of dancers... WTF?? At age seventy no less. Reminded me upon learning his name of a YouTube first amendment auditor, who's argument with a law enforcement officer detaining him about sitting in his vehicle behind the drivers seat (with the engine off) for not showing policeman his drivers license was that he hadn't broken any laws because he wasn't even driving the car. He kept saying "I'm traveling"

reminds me of that Baldwin boy weaseling out of a murder charge.

There’s so many websites on the subject of screenwriting, some of them have begun parodying the writing-prompt-community-structured-blog. And if that's the case, then I may be in the crosshairs (referring to tmtwngm. Hmm? Let me try annd understand what I 'jest said. The above image is a Reddit group. It anppears to be well helmed, to the point of using a Nazi guard policing practice. There’s also a discord group linking themselves with r/writingcirclejerk. From the short while that I was permitted to lurk around before getting myself banned (possibly for an entire month), it seems the bunch overly eager grad students working on a thesis about AI in daily society. You know the type, unemployed scholarly know-it-alls. My first impression of r/writingcirclejerk was originally that of new tactic writing community blogge, a solution to all screenwriting websites out there. The disclaimers are overwhelming, I wish somebody could spend some online time lurking to figure it all out (And explain it to me.) but I’m now reluctant to seek guidance by their overly moderators. Are moderators like cyberspace cops?

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