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Bier de Stone

The little elves hidden inside my TiVo box

It figures that I would watch a premier broadcast on HBO for the movie Fay Grim and love it so much, I go out of my way to search out the prequel of that movie, Henry Fool. I add a wish list onto the list of movies I'd like to see (on the TiVo device) and, when I don't see promising results, I visit/call various Blockbuster stores to inquire whether they own a copy. Nil. Nothing.

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I say to myself, "screw this", and procede with ordering a copy online because it just don't seem like a film HBO would televise anytime soon. Here's the killer. If I hadn't gone out of my way to purchase the DVD, would this article in the LA Times from the Associated Press have caught my eye? I don't think so. I'm only conscious of it because the DVD for Henry Fool ran me about $15; and whatever happened to second day shipping? My account seemed to be accessed the moment I placed the order for payment, and it took about two weeks to receive it. I felt like I was buying from eBay and the auctioneer was still in the process of looking into obtaining the item from his contacts (at a profit). I'm almsot certain there are little men living inside my electronic components who receive a commission every time they pull off a scandal like this.


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