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That itch to draw a funny cartoon about Mohammad and prove capitalism is a blood sucker

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The new camera application I'm still figuring out. It is called the Hipstamatic. I opted for this pin-hole camera among other flavors that the in-app purchase feature offers. It only shoots in black and white and although I’ve always been about conservation in memory size that a photograph uses, I really like the GPS metadata that it attaches to each photo. I’ve used BitCam for a rather long extent because of the small size files it generates but regretted not having that GPS feature.

That’s why discovering that this pin-hole camera app uses memory in the megabyte range as opposed to the kilobyte range has me pondering my lacking of identity. That I could cave so easily from one concept of shooting photos at anything and everything without worrying about size, to a camera app that consumes so much memory has me reeling over whether this characteristic in my assertiveness has something to do with identity disorders.

I was the one who was very decided in what I wanted to be as an adult cartoonist, but too embarrassed to announce it to the people that might have pointed me in that direction during my adolescent school years. So I majored in Commercial Art very decidedly. In other words, I wasn’t the college student who listed as a major and minor “undecided”. Thankfully I came to my senses on how much I despise commercials and dropped out of school halfway thru the curriculum.

Community prompt blog
In the back of my mind I'm thinking, I'll just utilize all the art stuff I learned for commercial art to try to get more followers, but livejournal only lets me send messages to livejournal members in text format.

While I brainstorm that idea, I'm using jotterpad to list procedures of digging up already established lj-ers with an interest in writing then adding those who qualify. Step two is to send a message to alert prospective screenwriters that they have a pending invitation that expires in about one months time.

I also add notes to their livejournal profile indicating that I have solicited their account because BS observes anti-spamming practices.

The commercial art skills I gained in school before dropping out will serve helpful.

Taboo topics that can get you killed

Realizing I’m in the minority because of my humble view on hot pink uniform reform for the LAPD, ‘no comment’ seems to be the only way to express my disapproval of all police. There’s bad cops, there’s green cops, that don’t know how to be cops, yet and there’s all cops uniformly dressing themselves intimidatingly.

A cop’s salary is nothing to sneeze at, and just like George Santos has become the poster child for lying on a one’s résumé to get ahead, we all understand how small fibs in police reports have divided a people’s trust. What I mean is, I use to fear cops whenever I’d see them while driving, but since George Floyd happened, I fear my own safety when I see a cop. I feel this way because of the lying factor each time a cop makes an arrest. A dark colored uniform will hide the facts of how an arrest was made, offering an policeman to abuse his power of immunity by simply omitting certain facts about the scuffle that may have taken place.

How much impact hot pink uniforms could make against corruption in such fibs would eliminate a sergeant’s involvement in the process of reviewing police reports if the officer handing in his report had stains on his uniform directly related to events left out in the report. In other words, I imagine that the whole reviewing process involves the same skepticism a policeman is trained to have when interviewing suspects and witnesses. So, a cop that returns to his precinct dirty from fighting would no doubt prognosticate anyone reading his report in anticipation of a fight scene.

I won’t even go into how many young and healthy people die as a result of what cops are trained to believe is less lethal tasing over shooting.

Truly a mystery, how people cannot see the juxtaposition between police officers and holocaust Kapos, for what is a policeman’s job if it isn’t regulating their own people. On top of all that, if cops are people too, then policemen should expect unkind words from citizens like ‘Have a bad day; find a bullet for your brain’ because, after all, those might make damn good lyrics for a new heavy metal song. Have I mentioned that metal is not dead? I know it isn’t mainstream, but a lot of that may have to do with the FCC. I mean I just recently started a SiriusXM subscription and can’t tell you how much I miss listening to DJs who have the same taste in music. So when I listen to lyrics that say I’m a creep, and I find myself singing Radiohead’s Creep in the shower, amidst other songs with stronger lyrics, I’m eventually going to identify with my inner creep. Or killer instinct and what have you. So for me , ‘have a bad day; find a bullet for your brain’ is really not so bad and I hope to hear it used in response to some of the tyrant videos recorded by first amendment auditor influencers. 🐑
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