That feel good feeling of the downfall of powerful entertainment industry movers and shakers

For what it's worth, I signed this online petition to make adjustments to IMDb's profile of Harvey Weinstein. I find retribution to be an even exchange for giver-upper syndrome contracted from rejection notices for my bad comic strip ideas, my bad Calligraphy, photos, freelance ventures. I can't even complete a full length feature film writing process long enough to seek an agent because of the negativity of being rejected.

So when somebody as powerful as Harvey Weinstein meets the end of his reign, I comb the Internet for pictures of dilapidated pictures of monsters like Harvey.

Here's the link

After googling "Harvey Weinstein mugshot" with zero results, I quora'd the question why. Is it a question of the gravity of the crime committed that factors into whether a mugshot appears online with booking number being held by the convict?


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