Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I'm refurbishing.

Was this a dream? Or am I just remembering something from years and years ago. A neighbor lived in one of the old houses that got demolished next door to build duplex apartments. I'm not sure, but the family seemed to be from El Salvador. They had a dog named Dali (Dollie). She was the cutest, blond lab mix. The little boy in that family was cute too. Although I hardly spoke to them, you know, like hi/bye, in passing. But, wow. Where are they now?

Oh yes, about my blog. Well, since I upgraded, I thought I should do something about the comments box that seems to bleed out of the page by adopting a professionally devised stylesheet. Oh, I'm trying to alter it alright. I want my stuff to look exactly the way it looked before. Newsprint background, fixed width text with practically no leading, first line indenting and/or drop caps. I would've liked to have the entry area look like a white sheet of paper with a drop shadow. Good luck with that, right? Jeez. Okay, so I hope you all are patient with me while I figure this out.


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