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Bier de Stone


Last week I saw a poster for a lost bird on a telephone pole. I don`t remember exactly what it was, but green african parrot sounds about right. Today, outside my window, I hear the squawks of a parrot quite near. Parrots are heard all over LA often enough flying in pacts and squawking aimlessly. But the noise I was listening to was near and it came from one distinct bird. As I understand it, parrots and crows, among other birds, can be trained to talk. So I try to decipher what the squawking is all about and this is what I come up with. 'Quit calling me! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.'

Of course, I have quite an imagination in hearing and seeing into things. Lately, I`ve been fascinated with pupil dilation the way I turn on a light stand to illuminate my fireplace (where the litter box for my cat is kept). My cat is a messy pooper. So, to clean out stray turds, I illuminate the fireplace with the reading lamp so I can see better, but this only works at night, because during the day, it`s still too dark to see clearly into the fireplace, and the lamp doesn`t work.

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