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iOS camera ability to recognize text

Those MSN Edge browsers know how to spark news interest by the way it concentrates photos and headlines on their home page. It can get frustratingly hypnotic. I like to let the streaming headlines play like a video as I try to read the headlines during the short glimpse they allow before it streams to the next news headlines. Today the headlines that captured interest were about violence on Mexico, Chinese prez and Canadian Prime Minister, and lastly a 2000 year old mummy. Instead of following the links to the articles, however, I printed the headlines with my new handy-dandy fountain pen (with a stub nib) using the old and obsolete calligraphy style Fraktur. I then proceeded to use the iOS camera feature to highlight and capture text to copy and paste elsewhere. Here are the results; mind you, my Calligraphy isn't the most glamorous.

Gluenquella Rabirison
beaten to death robile on
bucatint witt; friend in
Chiner Fresident at Sirabing
Grime rimister
after pir's cousersation
Ousterious 2000- ear
do Grammarus fure stall-

The above text should read:

Shanquella Robinson beaten to death while on vacation with friends on Mexico.

Chinese President Xi Jinping humiliates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on camera after pair's conversation leaks.

Mysterious 2000-year-old mummy's face stunningly reconstructed by scientists.

I don't know yet how efficient this new feature available on iPhones works with handwriting, but I imagine it is fairly efficient if it uses any of the technology that Apple Pencil uses to transform Handwriting into text.

The whole reason I thought I was being clever by scanning my hard copy screenplay pages and blogging them as jpg/png images was to eliminate the ability to copy and paste my intellectual property from being used in somebody else's screenplay. Or at least making the process of copying and pasting difficult if not impossible.

That is obviously a thing off the past with the new OCR technology being employed. But wait! OCR still doesn't understand old English. Rather Fractur, as I do not like the way old English Calligraphy looks against a black letter style usually known as fraktur, fat letter, black letter.

It's a pain to write this way, and I'm only really employing it for headings and bold text. My eyes aren't what they use to be and I love the boldness, size of the lettering style. Those tiny ball point pens make words hard to see sometimes. Maybe, I'm time, if I continue to write this way, I will come up with a rough style that's not so detailed and painstakingly to handwritten, but I went ahead and invested in one off those overpriced fountain pens and I'm going to use it with the stub nib I requested and I'm going to enjoy it.


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