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GrimReaper the anti-hero

Jill Abbott I did a brief search online for news articles and info on The murder of this woman. The autopsy couldn't reveal the cause of her death, and the pending toxicology report was never announced in the media.

What else is there to to but analyze and read between the lines when ur fav influencer on insta happens to mention the mysterious circumstances in which a fellow headbanger got herself murdered. Quite honestly, I create little fantasies in the world I live in pretending things really evolve around me, a graphic arts/designer drop-out, anxious to try out a new trade: screenwriting. While awaiting my big break, I appease my disappointment of reject letters by convincing myself that screenwriting juxtaposes updating my blog; so long as I’m writing on a computer screen. Or, if that doesn’t work out, there’s always the coloring pages that Eli Peach sends me sparking yet another fantasy that my previous career choice of cartooning is coming to fruition.
Tags: bozo-dodo, evil otto, gibberish, sketches, web research

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