I'm sorry, but it took me two iOS generations (from iph 12-14) to figure this one out

Notes on meta characters for regular expressions
Notes on meta characters for regular expressions

Notes is the bundled app on iOS. I like it for its document scanning ability. However, after a document is scanned, I think it should not be necessary to export a jpg/png file by sharing it to yet another word processing app (Notability).

And don't get me started on the file system the Notes app uses. I'm learning that files are stored in the Library. Where's the Library folder though?

If NotaBILITY had a sophisticated a scanning feature, I would probably go to that app from the get go. Notability does indeed scan documents. Sometimes I'll limit the use of one app so as to manage a cleaner file system. Clutter kills me as I can never find what I'm looking for when I need it. Compared to Notes, Notability seems more sophisticated as a word processor, and since Notes might function better in other areas (for instance text editing) my brain tells me to reserve the use of Notes for text editing jobs.

But I should consider many of these habits and rules were created before I downloaded and purchase dedicated text editor apps like the mark down app JotterPad.

So there's that, and I'm so afraid to upgrade my phone now because I expect I'll go nutty trying to figure out where all the stuff I did on my iPhone 12 ended up being stored. I don't mean the stuff I save on the cloud either. Obviously there are some app that stray from the norm and cater to their own file formats and folder hierarchies. Ugh.


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