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Good news for wannabe programmers too cheap to pay tuition

Some of the old books on computer languages have become obsolete at libraries. You can get them for Pennie's on the dollar.

Honestly, I think I paid a cover price of 1.99 for O'Reilly's Learning the vi editor. I remember paying more for the shipping & handling than the price of the book itself!

I had lost interest in the Lynda dot com course for MySQL and PHP. Every time the lessons verged into Regular Expressions, I blanked out. This is what happens when you skip a grade. I probably should've had a complete understanding of vi's Motion Commands because it seems brackets, backslashes and asterisks, among other symbols, all maintain a similar function. It's almost as if, when writing code, the use of a character in a line of programming code simply falls back on the way the vi editor would interpret such a symbol. Backslashes used for escaping characters in programming is similar to vi editors use of backslashes to nullify Motion Command characters.

So if you're like me, too lazy to pay tuition for a computer science class, the website webminal dot com is the perfect sandbox

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