It is day 5

What did I do? Where are they getting on from?

What was it I thought I did that must've deserved this?

There are about a dozen or more flies on my house right now and I'm not doing anything physically to flick them dead. Instead, I made a trap out of rotting fruit, vinegar (apple cider), and...

When it rained, it thundered.

That picture off the beetle resting in its forever slumber on the bar-b-Que pit... said that was a sign. Oh well, I interpreted it that way. That must've been a week ago. I've been tolerating these flies I'm my house since then. It wasn't as bad yesterday. I only had a maximum of 5 on my bare leg, licking me, crawling on me, humping on me, copulating...

I thought of checking with Walgreens to see if I could find "fly" paper, but I have to say I've never on my life seen anything like that ever before. So why go? Obviously a chance to get out of this haunted place.


Keyless upright piano
Keyless upright piano


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