The fly trainer for the movie tmtwngm

After many years perfecting his kill technique, the assassin was at a crossroads. All it took was his presence to inflict fear in a common housefly. Causing anxiety with its own brand of pandemonium toward the human race always seemed an unbiased hobby of a fly. (no wonder Egyptian gods are often depicted carrying a fly swatter) The assassin, however, can remember a time before becoming the man who WOULD harm a fly. Flashbacks of the signature buzzing sound of a housefly whizzing by your head trying to get closer and closer to your food each time it Kamikazes close enough to accidentally inhale into a nostril. Fly-by after fly-by. But now. Now it's as if the insect senses his kill instinct in a room of people. Or did it find a human with food somewhere in another part of the room?

Later in life, the lonesomeness of always looking over your shoulder affected relationships. Intimacy was rare and far in between. It's one thing seeking relief at a massage parlor asking for happy endings, but the assassin never tried Swedish massages. He'd always go for deep tissue massages. The dancing fingers of a woman casually stroking your back while she silently keeps to herself. What is she thinking? Asking a prostitute to do that felt like a joy-kill. It's all in the surprise, (like when a fly suddenly lands on your arm and starts tickling you) he knew. Of lying in bed, shifting on your side, or on your stomach trying to sleep when suddenly you're surprised by a little kitten jumping on the bed and walking on your back. No, that's just the girlfriend connecting the dots of moles and freckles.

So the film studio wants a trained professional to supply the studio with insects which CGI couldn't handle. Like the tickling of an insect traipsing across your arm/leg, stimulating each hair follicle. The condition the assassin made before taking the job was that if a cast/crew felt the need to kill a fly, nobody should be told NOT to kill the bugs. After all, the assassin kept hundreds of flies in storage.

The director compromised this condition with an additional request that the assassin take a mark on the set whenever filming was not recording, like Otis Junior in Nope, when he's on set with Lucky making sure nobody gets trampled. 


So, just stand there? Because my flies aren't trained, They be evil. They only abide to Beelzebub. If they sense that I'm a cold hearted fly killer, they will sense stuff from other people too.
What I'm saying is, I don't know who or what your production staff consist of, their religion, their creedo, what-not… I do not control whether a fly is going buzz around one of your actors' faces on cue. That's your department; if you wanna smear sugar water on an actor's skin, etcetera.


So we got a deal?!


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