Doodling while I inconspicuously work

I highly doubt a makeover by a hairdresser/makeup artist will ever be able to achieve the transition that the Internet is claiming when I google “Jennifer Stahl”. The clip of the blonde dirty dancer with her arms raised as she screams might only resemble Jennifer’s last moments of life, because none of the other photos linking the Ganja woman to the name looks like the brief clip from the movie. I had to add it to the storyboard because, as I doodle her from the computer display, I notice a peculiarity in her elbow. And elbows are important. Ask Mrs. Tom Araya about elbows; she’ll tell ya.

The window reveals a billboard of what is supposed to be a picture of a very pregnant young lady. I can’t explain why I am fixated on this billboard I had seen sometime in the 90’s, but I took another still clip from the music video for Uninvited, performed by the Freemasons. It’s the scene where the singer (Bailey Tzuke) is standing in her backyard where here laundry lines flap bedsheets in the wind at night (approx 2:13 into video). Like ghosts, I guess. I’m using her because it’s the only way I might be able to give this song relevancy in the plot as I still haven’t deciphered the mysterious chants this version of the remix (of Uninvited) adds to the song.

Panel one is the outdoor breakfast nook at RS Development, an independent publishing firm. Nothing odd there, except perhaps the marijuana plant growing in the pot. Panel two is the 6th floor of the Carnegie Deli building where the Carnegie Deli massacre occurs. I left the characters in the room as I penciled them because I think it gives them a ghostly effect.

Panel three is the grid lock that happens frequently in LA, and a drone hovers overhead looking for tokers as there’s really no place more ideal to be 100 feet away from a business, 100 feet away from a park, and 100 feet away from a residence to get your high on than the middle of a clogged highway with nowhere to budge. The last panel: Jennifer’s final moments.

Storyboard time leap
Storyboard time leap


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