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Today is day one of movie deprivation month
The news about movie theaters is that government kickbacks are obtainable if the theater house can list a majority of minority employees. In other words, employees who are under the age of 18 will qualify any theater house for government funding as a source of training for minors to the workforce. That is why I don't eat popcorn anymore.

Those same kickbacks can be hacked by movie production companies if they maintain their motion pictures accessible only at theaters for a considerable amount of time. On-demand has also begun to hack into the free money by allowing their movie productions to be accessible for rent only, before the merchandise is released for ownership.

What does this mean for people like me who rely on good movies as a means of recharging from the drama of work? THIS IS A CONFLICT.

As much as I try to limit my TV viewing, sometimes I can't help myself and I end up watching whatever my subscriptions allow. Usually, when I browse the collected titles from various movie streaming channels, I look for R rated films. I stay away from feature film length movies labeled MTV (mature TV) or no rating whatsoever. I am not a fan of series TV either.

Make no mistake, however, I don't just watch any R rated movie. I dislike films about cops (unless the police in the movie happen to wear hot pink uniforms.) And regardless of the main theme a movie is about, if it is a blockbuster, I greatly scrutinized it to check if it's for me. In other words, I won't watch a chick flick just because it's a blockbuster, but I will watch a movie that isn't a blockbuster if I am partial to the artists who have worked on the film.

Recently, the movie trailer for the new JAWS was released for the movie NOPE. Because I don't have fun going to a theater to watch movies by my lonesome, I usually wait until the movie becomes available on on-demand. I don't mind paying the ridiculously high ownership prices of $20+ either. NOPE might be one of those movies, but it depends on what I hear about its reception.

I am kind of hard up for a "good movie" fix, but not so much to put up with the bullshit involved with dating (as a means of motivation to get myself out and into an IMAX theater.) I'm not misogynistic. I've just found the stress of flirting, the let downs, and even the stress involved with being out in public in the current city conditions where anything like a mugging can happen in the presence of a damsel stirs my gut like butterflies from hell.

I mean, it's just hard finding an available crush to ask out on a date, doubly so finding a date willing to see the kind of movies I'm into. But am I really into NOPE?

It's come to the point that I've been fabricating reasons to not give a shit that theater-goers are getting their movie fix before me. One such reason in my pros & cons list is whether NOPE will have a cool movie soundtrack.

I think not.

Just take for consideration the clip in the trailers depicting scenes wherein the cloud/UFO is raining down a bloody mess atop the house of the HAYWOOD ranch property.

After a scrutinizing double take, it doesn't seem like that scene is going to juxtapose a heavy metal score like Raining Blood. Or is that Reining Blood? Music is another deciding factor that I use to measure rank of movies I would like to see and movies I could care less about.

Here is what I've noticed over time. Movies tend to mainly have a law enforcement, police-is-the-good-guy theme. The movie(s) I'll probably never get tired of watching over and over again are HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, 3 FROM HELL. Can you see the pattern? What if I added JOKER (2019) to that list?

Cop killer movies. It would seem that cop killer movies are my favorite genre of movie. But really, it just happens that the movies I revel over happen to have had a scene or two of a law enforcement officer getting his ass dispatched. I am not a cop hater, let's get that straight. I just have no trust for a law enforcement agency that doesn't wear the proper colored uniforms.

I digress a point that further extends my ability to reason with myself on awaiting an on-demand version of a film. NOPE is overhyped. Already I've been hearing from peeps who've had an advanced screening that it wasn't their cup of tea, or they didn't agree with the ending, etc. Usually, a movie I know that I'm going to like, (a Raining Blood score during the Raining Blood scene) hearing about the spoilers wouldn't matter. It wouldn't matter because I could always fall back on The minute details in a scene, The music, the actors, subtitles, pretty much anything my imagination can come up with to justify my fanaticism.

NOPE Is about 2 hour and 15 minute in length! what-the-dick.~ I'm not getting any younger. It's about time that I should be thinking along the lines of, can I sit still for that long without a bathroom break?

I had planned to put the finishing touches on my own writing prompt community entry for a 3-scene sequence for submittal by today, 22-7-22, the day NOPE premiers nationwide. However, I didn't count on the ass-hat that I would encounter at work this week that has gotten to me in a bad way. No worries. There's no rush. I mean Russia could decide to pull the plug on livejournal for all us Americans for all I care, will continue onward.

Maybe I'll decide to doodle on the sketch pad a bit before those finishing touches are addressed. It is wonderful not to have to worry about a deadline. At #tmtwngm, it's my understanding that mental health comes first.

Lastly, and I don't know why I'm the only person out there in social media land to suggest this, but I was (and still am) hoping that that one scene of the crowd at the Juniper's ranch spectacle event, where the lady whose face is veiled, was really Michael Jackson returning from the dead. Perhaps the story line could be something like he had been in witness protection as a result of the #metoo movement against so many entertainment moguls, but he’s escaped that failed program and is given a cameo appearance so he can send a message to his fans showing the effects abusing drugs like propofol can do to your body; draining it like the Russian sleep experiment. 🐚
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