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Yes, I read into things beyond the average person

There I was, sitting behind a computer trying to access the library's database of newspapers (from home) as the website for The Daily News wasn't budging without a credit card number. The one database I thought might prove useful for a 2002 issue where a story titled...



The message on my computer was that that particular database could only be accessed from a public library. So today I try again, at the local branch, but still I can't get a readable copy of the article.

I was able to read the story by Barbara Ross and Bill Hutchinson published on June 5, but the version I read didn't have the photo of the victim in question.

Access point to article without photograph

Access point to article without photograph

The frustration that not of the major syndicates picked it up gives me the feeling that The Daily News is like a tabloid similar to The National Inquirer, The Sun, The Daily Star, etc.

It got me to thinking (overthinking) of the coincidence that Rosemond Dane and Jennifer Grey almost rhyme. At the very least, both their first and last names contain the same amount of characters.

Could it be possible that one of the two survivors in that horrible encounter was really Jennifer? She's undergone enough surgery to possibly scar just as much as the victim who dodged a bullet to the head!


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