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Rambling on the sequence project

Here's the mj picture everybody is talking about (or maybe just me, commenting my ideas on different platforms under various user names.) Tell me after 13 years of having lost the "King of Pop", people aren't subconsciously thinking

I don't know what this movie's gonna be about, but don't that lady kinda look like Michael Jackson?

Back in the 80's MJ had a lot of hits. He was releasing hits back to back and probably would've made it into Ripley's Believe it or not had the song Come on Eileen not been released by Dexi's Midnight Runners.

It's not the 80's anymore. In fact 13 years have past -- and didn't I see something on Microsoft Edge's default news congregator that mentions the way Michael Jackson has earned billions of dollars after death? -- and the new fuck-a-duck for reporting to jury duty is to fashionably sport hair long enough, AND thick enough, to look like Bozo the clown (hair recession not required.)

The best way to report for jury duty in downtown Los Angeles is commuting via public transit because driving just opens up a can of worms. For starters, everybody knows that all the prospective jurors in a jury pool have already been under scrutiny by the lawyers selection process. And what are do lawyers good at? surveillance. They can dig up dirt like no other just so they have levity to work with if the case doesn't go their way. In other words, if a they think they're losing their case with the chosen 12 jurors, they will gladly find a way to disqualify any juror they deem unworthy, and driving a car to the court house may result IMHO in having your automobile bugged. God forbid you might be a under the scope of a sleazy former zodiac killer moonlighting for law firms when business at their private investigation office is slow.

When the nineties rolled around, a billboard of a very pregnant lady decorated the streets of L.A. I don't even know what the billboard was advertising, only that it stirred a feeling in the pit of my gut that caused melancholia toward my ex-high school sweetheart. I don't know for sure whether she got herself pregnant by somebody who wasn't me, but the conspiracy I have in mind for #tmtwngm, which revolves around my heartbreak, is she came from a Jewish background and became a Nazi Youth Hunter stalking me because she gained access to a secret Jewish informant that targeted my family for coming to America after Germany lost the war.

There's a whole thing about Albert Fish being my great grand daddy too, but you can see my predicament in my struggles with writers' block.

Long story short, I owned one of Michael Jackson's glittery vests when he was only a toddler, and my high school sweetheart was a big fan of Motown music so she planned to find it and make it her own.

All of this chaos fills my head as I untie my hair only to be disappointed that long hair is not only a pain in the ass to manage, but it never looks as cool as Tom Araya's hair.

Since we're on the topic though, the raining blood scene in Nope: wouldn't that play out nicely with a music score in the background of SLAYERS hot song by the same name?

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