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Nope (pronounced: no-peh)

R (language throughout and some violence/bloody images)

It is like the song "And we run" which sounds like anthem rock (-metal, if there is such a thing), but the lyrics in this song are totally opposite of what anthem music revels.

The interesting trailer for this movie is everything I look for in a film: UFO's, mysterious flash-cuts of eyeballs, and glimpses of a wannit2be Michael Jackson, photo bombing the film set as her returns from the dead in a cameo appearance, or maybe escaping from the witness protection program, although that would be a stretch.

The MPA has this movie rated as R for language throughout and some violence/bloody images.

So how does one chill during this movie? Isn't the space scientist's struggle one of discovering life in outer space a peaceful one, contemplating serenity and a possible mutual belief in Christ?

The main interest of the trailer is the build-up of influential scenes of learning how to capture the "Oprah shot" and retire on those earnings. If this is the gist of the movie, what does it say about DIY ingenuity when violence too earns its place along side the 2+ hour film? one might even say ticks and lewd outbursts go together with successfull scheming.

There's been so much social media hype over the trailers. People are attempting guesses at what the plot could possibly be about. What's with the close-ups clips on eyeballs (horses and lizards), or crawling crabs? As far as I know, crabs like to be around salt water, something that is scarce in New Mexico or Arizona.

One thing to consider is whether this film will meet the expectations all the hype around the trailers has sparked. It's beginning to feel that it is going to be over-hyped. It's been awhile since a good movie worthy of my personal digital library collection surfaces, but I doubt I'll be screening this film in theaters. Even if it is displayed in an iMax theater, I rather watch movies in the comfort of my home where I can relax, pause for restroom breaks, or coffee breaks, depending on whether a movie is a sleeper. This is the way I feel which is why I've gone on extensively about the film being about how Michael Jackson escaped the witness protection program and is trying to regain his fame after disappearing from his fans. Even though it's a stretch, this scenario is going to help me wait while on-demand releases a digital copy, hopefully by Halloween.

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