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Embedding does NOT receive html well. I shall continue to use my email server for alternative methods of posting here on lj. I’m just glad the war in the Ukraine hasn’t affected the server here in America. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government imposes a ban on the server altogether. One of the perks of learning the ins & outs of JotterPad is that the markup symbols also apply to Twitter. Haven’t you ever wanted to bold your text while tweeting? I’m not 100% that all… .fountain markup works with Twitter but the symbols are nothing like tags that, if it doesn’t work it just leaves ur entry that much harder to read. An underscore for italicizing, an asterisk for bolding text doesn’t effect readability so much when it doesn’t work. It kinda just gives the effect of a footnote symbol and who really pays attention to that while reading? It helps knowing about the lj-raw tag too. And there’s a lot of features that’ll create your tags for you. I never really got good at creating lists and tables, so if an app like JotterPad can export html for tables,.. that’s just honky-dory. for instance, one of the first two html codes I committed to memory was the img src tag and the a ref tag. JotterPad does it differently and I hope to try it out with twitter soon. In the meantime it’ll be really cool if I could find a way (in JotterPad) to manipulate image size easily so I don’t have to tweak the html code. Or other tricks, like how do I align text to start at the top of a table. Or making baseline text flow evenly between column for that matter.

Different ways to watch your favorite news reporter on TV

I wish I knew who it was that commented on the tragic events that occurred in Uvalde, Texas with a live shooter. Ever since Columbine, people been saying something has gotta be done about guns. As of yet, nothing seems to be changing except the legalization of marijuana (almost as if to send a message to the people to CHILL).

The commentator may have been a politician. Whomever it was — lessee if I can google it — the gist is that the people are out of their league against the NRA and for change to happen, news media AND the Internet need access to body cam footage of the aftermath of the slaughter.

That’s the bottom line and these days, The people cannot even hack the system and publish online authentic footage for fear of repercussions. Just see what’s happening to Julian Assange. What’s the harm, in America, if a journalist who happened to obtain the bloody carnage (in detail) AND VIEWED IT, goes on record broadcasting what he’s witnessed?

I expect something like that would be harrowing to listen to despite the lack of photos. My opinion is that even a a heart wrenching description of bones protruding out of a young body while it fights to sustain life would turn people to act against current laws allowing this to happen and put politicians on the spot. Where’s the freedom of speech when not even the dark web has content on this material?

It’s hard for me to believe that it isn’t provided to veteran journalists. So when I watch the news, I look into the eyes of reporters telling me the gas prices are blamed on oil refineries, the recession is coming to an end soon, the Trump trial status quo, etc. and I wonder… did this high profile reporter see that footage personally and did it change him? Can I see the change in his eyes?

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