Taking a break from reading before I nod off

My new 2-song playlist might not be the most harmonizing songs to loop, but I really like the way the lyrics take on AOR structure. I don't believe in vampires, nor am I a fan. If I had to choose a Halloween costume, my first choice would be a werewolf followed by a zombie.

Dark shadows seems to maintain that stereotypical ritzy, high society concept that Dracula portrays in my mind. Then again, I was a big fan of vampires when I was growing up watching the black & white Bella Lugosi films.

I am looping the Misfits live version of that song because it ends with vocals wishing the audience a happy Halloween. This kind of breaks the fast pace tempo long enough for the transition to Gonna kill u. Does anybody take Gwar serious as a band? I mean, aren't they a bit like Tenacious D?

Sometimes I just worry how my readers might interpret a song with lyrics like Gonna kill u. This has to be the one song I know of by Gwar that alludes to the parody their songwriting style takes on. While I love the deep throaty vocals, the singer also has a touch of hillbilly, redneck undertones. It makes me grin yet I can't stop grooving to the melody.

Entering Chinatown from Broadway
Entering Chinatown from Broadway

Hmm, I've been email posting my entries because JotterPad intrigues me, but I'm beginning to wonder whether embedding my html code (from JP) using the lj app will work just the same. I'll try that next time. Meanwhile, I shot a pinhole exposure of the dragon statue arching across Broadway, north of downtown. It's a symbolic gateway landmark entering Chinatown from downtown. It's been there for a decade, but it's not very clear in the photo I took. Street level is a blur too as all the traffic going in and out of Chinatown obstructs the view of the sidewalk.

I took a five minute exposure. I didn't have the binder clips I use to steady my phone upright, and I was concerned of the soft wind rocking my phone back and forth. Made me feel like the wind is created by the earth rotation. It made for a very peaceful lunch break today at Starbucks. Are those rubber trees lining the sidewalk?


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