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Despite what I've said that may have ruined any chance I might've had to reunite with a exgf, I think it's only fare that I be allowed to put my foot in my mouth again. The way I feel about Ana Garcia is twofold because she resembles a lover in my past.

I would like to pause her to clear something up. I'm asked at work sometimes, by co-workers with an eye for fashion, whether or not I think the picture of the model isn't attractive. Then they flash the page of the magazine they're reading. I'm only a man with normal instincts for women with a rack. I'm a cold person, though, if I'm not experiencing the closeness I would like to experience with sex goddesses, with the right person. I'm not gay, so don't even go there. You know that expression given to princesses with nobiliity for the crown? Lady in waiting. Well, I'm the dude in waiting who's been humbling whistling dixie on the sidelines for this very opportunity.

Okay, back to whatever I was chewing on. A face to face meeting with Ana would bring closure to a very devoted admirer. (Gawd, I'm just remembering last night's nightmare right now) Let me assure you that I'm no stalker. May I also say that I'm not vulnerable to harm myself either, if I'm rejected to the point of getting in trouble with a reprimand/restraint. I am simply taking the only possible path most ethical in contacting a very special person I've lost tracked of over time. Jeez, the other day I wrote a fan letter and I stress when I do these things because I'm thinking of the cuckoos you hear on the news who literally stalk their favorite celebrity. That is not me. I feel strong emotional attachments to her, but only because I think she reminds me of someone. Of course, regardless of that, I would jump at the opportunity to marry her, but I'm easy.


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