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Will the next major elections top previous mud slinging tactics?

Follow the plunge

Funny ha-ha or honey, f-f-f-retchThe other day sb came up with a question on how this new voting system works. I remember just before covic, how voting ballots had changed and I wanted nothing to do with it. So I stopped altogether with the premise that casting no vote might exclude me from jury pools.

The guy asking this question felt that if anybody knew how to cast a vote on the new ballots, it would be me. He said, "I don't understand how or why citizens in this country who have the opportunity to vote, don't vote."

I get a lot of questions and it's my job to answer questions as simplified as possible. In other words, getting philosophical about his perplexion on the stand people may or may not have on the subject of elections is a librarian's job. So, I responded with "One day I decided I wasn't going to vote, and so I don't vote." The guy after all was bilingual and I wasn't sure he was understanding my English, or if I was conveying myself properly in Spanish.

Upon reflection how screwed up legislative branches behave, especially ombudsman/tyrants abusing their authority, I've come up with the reason why America is crumbling. I'm sure it wasn't easy obtaining the footage of running candidates spitting phlegm into the same glass of water she swigs from, but what are the chances that a fly would kamikaze the VP during a nationally televised debate? These are the reasons IMO this country is the way it is when it comes to addressing the most urgent problems on peoples’ minds

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