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Bumblebees now categorized as fish by scientists

Here is a profile picture of somebody who contacted me on WhatsApp app. At first, she just said “Hi.” and whether I was somebody called (Bob, Ellen's brother). From time to time I get these wrong number text messages and because this isn't the first time a wrong number caller strikes up a conversation with me this way, I’m just waiting for the topic of conversation to veer toward crypto currency.

Out of curiosity, since she used WhatsApp, a Facebook search revealed a FB user that fits her description. Here's the FB picture that fit her description — in the course of txting back and forth with her, I've learned that her occupation is in cosmetics, which is also the FB user's job.

ive also learned that she is originally from Australia and currently living in New York. Plus, she tells me she's never been to Los Angeles. But the coincidence that the name Chloe Anne belongs to s.b. that looks like her and works a similar job is uncanny. So I'm just killing time by entertaining an ongoing conversation. So far it has not reached a perverted scale wherein detailed sex talk comes into play. What can I say... Sometimes business is slow and I have a lot of spare time to jaw flap with anonymous peeps. I find this new hobby difficult to maintain when conversation DOES veer toward NSFW topics. I'll sometimes be bored out of my mind (at home) and text her and I gotta say, shifting topics about the the weather and such, to s.t. more significant is something I practice regularly as I suck at flirting and moving things to the next level. I would never use my texting apps for NSFW topics in the office. That’s just weird. Imagine having a boner at my desk when somebody suddenly calls me over and I say “Okay, be right there.” taking my time while I try to get my mind out of the gutter long enough to reduce the swelling enormity of my prick. I don't even think this anonymous person in contact with me would tolerate that; me? I don't care but I've reached a point in my life where I agree with some of the crass ideas I hear on the street, such as all women are ho's, crazy and controlling, etc. her photo standing next to the Mercedes looks so classy! though. Is it possible, if this sort of mistaken call was from a prostitute soliciting business, that I've somehow managed to get myself on a VIP calling list? WOW she's hot!

Okay, just thought I would update my blog with news of how I'm spending my time. The truth of the matter is, I've been scared to approach the 3-scene-to-sequence prompt because the stuff I want to write about just seems like it's going to push me over the edge. I'll get there eventually. A little nooky for inspiration would be nice though.

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