Sometimes, in my cluttered world, I find notes to myself that I forgot to follow up on and so...

The memory archives
The memory archives

If I think the note merits more attention than  the waste basket, I might research it a little to figure out what the hell I was talking about. This note that I reprinted in black letter calligraphy was originally handwritten in Sütterlin (not the easiest handwriting to read.) That's why a printed it again, although this version is not very much more legible than the original.

Let me shed some light on what I was referring to way back when I took this note. I don't think it was too long ago and I've never had such morbid interest in crime and murder until I started to seriously dig up newspaper articles on the subject. This note seems to be a reminder of a book title I might find to be a good read. The title is Silver Swan, the main character in the story is named Quirke.

Quirke, an irascible, hard drinking pathologist, investigates the apparent suicide of Deidre Hunt, the beautiful young wife of an old acquaintance, and delivers many things that might better have remained hidden, as well as grave danger to those he loves.

That's the publishers blurb that I jotted down. It is very likely that I took interest in this title because of the character Deidre Hunt. However, when I stumbled on a real life Deidre Hunt whom having been found guilty of murder now serves a double life sentence (see the URL), I decided the link between the name Deidre, AND the fictional novel containing the exact same name, — my most recent subject interest before homicide was pseudyms and anonymity — the question of book coding comes to mind.

Was Benjamin Black, the author of Silver Swan, telling a story about a suicide with the same name of a convicted murderer because the case seemed controversial?

What is book coding anyway? My own approach to figuring this out is telling a story with cryptic messaging that could prove informative for an inquisitive mind trying to uncover clues to the mystery of why. Why something happened. How things led up to the event. Who else might know something about it.

It's the way I'm approaching the death of Jennifer Stahl and whether I might find links connecting Jennifer Grey to Stahl's untimely death by reading between the lines in archived news articles, memoirs, etc.


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