All those pictures I've shared from the pinhole camera of the yard where I live… there is a sweet lime tree with branches that droop from the weight of unpicked fruit. The landlord uses 2x4 to prop those branches up so they aren't in your face and constantly bopping people in the head whenever strolling by, near, underneath the tree.

Last friday I tried to prop up a 2x4 where one of the branches would constantly bop heads, mine in particular. It didn't go so well.

You know that WWII picture of soldiers using teamwork to prop up the American Flay? Well, visualize me at the bottom of that pile, using my back.

I may have slipped and now I have a hernia. I've had back pain before. Excrutiating lower back pain that completely would imobilize me from driving myself to the doctor. This isn't that. I don't feel pain. I can breath just fine with no shortness of breath (unless we're talking about my sinus problem.) At first, I thought I did something to my spleen. I've felt this way from the moment of injury because I remember something sliding between my ribs which, if I had eyes in my gut, I might describe as an organ getting squished between ribs and then escaping certain rupture by sliding out from between them.  The problem is, whatever organ I might have on the left side of the lower portion of my ribs, it squirted out the wrong way and now…

When I sneeze, it hurts. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I describe the pain I feel when sneezing as 20. And not only that but, again,  whatever organs I have on the left side of my ribcage seem to violently bounce around down there after a good sneeze.

I cannot laugh and I cannot cough.

And I believe it's getting worse. The first couple days after my injury, I felt fine. Kinda the way I feel fine right now, as long as I don't have to sneeze, cough or laugh. However, last night as I turned in my bed, or getting up to go to the bathroom, I can feel the dull pain underneath the lower part of my ribs. I tried to visit the urgent care, but this new medical insurance I have had me going to places that proclaimed they only specialize in workman's comp. I ended up going to Emergency and they didn't seem to believe the spleen injury and instead tried to convince me that I bruised my muscles. The young whippersnappers who filter the crazies out for the doctors send me away with a prescription for painkillers.

I had the same experience when I had an appendectomy. The young guy who saw me first when I drove myself to a hospital offered to write a prescription for painkillers. He got a little scared when I reminded him that a burst appendex could lead to death, at which point he calls over an older doctor with seniority whom identified my pendicitis immediately.

What is the world coming to when green, young doctors whose job it is to filter out the junkies and loones can't make an adequate prognosis!! Been reading up on hernias and I'm dreading that tomorrow's doctor's visit will result in a referral for surgery.


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