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Gardening and outlining with LOGLINE app

IBM seems in good condition. Since I'm outlining with Loglines for the 3-scene to sequence prompt at tmtwngm I want to have one guy at the typewriter carefully watching LOGLINE GUY. If I upload anything at all, it'll be whatever I produce on bond paper. And since the laser printer is out sick, that means the typewriter. I hope there isn't a power outage. But even power outages on an IBM Selectric iii wouldn't be as bad as a power outage on a computer where hours of work could get lost forever.

I've been practicing using the pinhole camera and I think it's wonderful that I live in a house with such a wonderful garden. I could get lost for quite some time shooting these plants.

happy plants theme

I was watering the plants with a fan sprinkler. The water isn't very photogenic with pinhole cameras the way it might be with a boomerang app camera. Expecting rainbows, Pinhole app at the current settings [60" exp.] it looks pretty much like a white blotch.

I always feel like plants in these desert California parts wax ecstatic when it rains. So these pictures are my observation of happy plants, and of course they're blurry. The dancing leaves if the gentle breeze coming from the spray of water wouldn't hold still fit the 60 second exposure.

Tomorrow I'll increase the exposure time and see if they come out any different.
Bierde _bath.JPG



Rosemary %26 avo.JPG



Western skyline.JPG


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