okay, so here's the situation

I've got so many apps on my device, I'm perplexed on which one to use for writing. Some are better at some things, others are better at other stuff. Some are compatible with my desktop, others with the laptop. Nutshell, I can't remember what I'm working on anymore, stuff is scattered all over the place: in the cloud, in another cloud, in an app specific cloud, locally on a device, on an iPad, computer.

The laser printer went to the repair shop, but I love my new and improved 'puter.

Ancient giant sperm fossil
Ancient giant sperm fossil

It cost me more than I expected for the upgrade, but I'm not complaining. Its performance before the RAM and before the Hard Drive swap out, was utterly pointless for trying to adopt the computer as my main writing machine. I've cleared off the IBM Selectric. Without a printer, though, it's gonna be a challenge to get some stuff I've saved in the computer printed on paper with it.

In other news, I'm still looking for places to hangout with outdoor seating that I might be able to take photos from with the pinhole camera app. I love how passersby and moving vehicles blur the image like a ghost. For some reason I'm relying on the new app to inspire me to hang out at bars more often. I'll let you know how that works out.

When I started blogging way back when, the whole concept seemed like a good way to store my ideas so that I could access them on any computer and continue adding to it (I'm not adept at socializing within my blog and rarely do I comment on my friends' entries,) but back when I was learning programming with Rebol, I managed to create a cloud-like Intranet network that I used from home to create html entries for easy transfers of image files and text.


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