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Sidewalks getting complicated, but people know that, post-pandemic, crosswalk buttons are biohazards

This is what I deal w/ on a regular basis and it feels like my wifey is stalking me, trying to catch me cheating, if you can call casual sex with random women cheating while separated.

It all began when AARON meets a girl (MOLLY). AARON and MOLLY have a fling, but it only lasts a short while.

AARON becomes a lonely recluse after what may have been the only relationship he’s ever had since high school ends. Befuddled over the open relationship with Molly, he only ends their arrangement after meeting a second co-worker, DEIRDRE. Molly was okay hooking up while having the freedom to see other people, but Deirdre was more conservative. The decision was easy since, in Aaron’s eyes, Deirdre was more his type. After discovering that Deirdre was crazy, the breakup between his arrangement with Molly became moot as Molly took the position that, while remaining free to see others, breaking up on behalf of one of those other relationships Simply cancelled out the deal.

“But who finds multiple friends with benefits who are okay with you sleeping around?” mumbles Aaron.

Aaron one day finds a VLOGGER who reminds him of Molly, but he feels like the target of phishing scandal. Her name is PinkRose. It isn’t much of a resemblance. Aaron recalls Molly’s refusal to use makeup, which made her seem like an ordinary plain Jane type of girl. So really, the only resemblance between the two is both Molly and PinkRose have a slim petite body structure. Also, PinkRose rants in her podcasts and video streams things that only Moll6 could know. Truth is, what caught Aaron’s attention was PinkRose’s dirty mouth; so when he began hearing clues linking his rendezvous with Molly several years back, he questions whether all the makeup PinkRose uses could be enough of a disguise to mask her true identity.

the dark past
Puzzled with the reverse abandonment and loneliness, Aaron finds a different kind of vlogger that helps him put his mind at ease after making no headway with PinkRose. It would be settling if he could only get back in touch with Molly, but they’ve been estranged for years. And what Aaron has come to refer as a marriage separation is really his coping mechanism using his imagination to carry him away to a fantasy world. He creates narratives of HIS FLING WITH Molly, justifying the fantastical makeover possibilities of having had a cosmetic surgical procedure to fix a genetic flaw in her jaw.

Molly the sex maniac

One of the many things Aaron gets wrong in his life is seeing every social media influencer as a prominent dating partner as if using twitter, Facebook, insta and ticktock was a discreet way to put oneself out there like how dating sights function. After all, bios in dating sights are nowhere near as informative as the tuning in to somebody’s podcast or live stream. At least, while watching a livestream, you get better video footage than dating sights, you are tickled with laughter at a woman’s sense of humor, and you generally learn more about her through subscribing to their channel.

Aaron hasn’t lost all sense of reality and since PinkRose is probably only being cautious by making up reasons for her unreceptive responses, moving on with his life is as easy as streaming a different kind of vlogger, the exhibitionist type. Fortunately he finds a stripper that resembles PinkRose, that resembles Molly, good enough to build on his fantasy world and simultaneously ween himself off his illogical obsession with what could only be a coincidental likeness.

He convinces himself that PinkRose is an influencer who put herself through college, as it’s quite obvious to him through watching her live streams that she is by far more educated than he, by filming porn under the name of RUBY666. This new scenario opens his eyes to everything he never knew about Molly when they were together. How she could’ve told hi she was a virgin just add to his befuddlement. The surgery… surely a porn star would have enough money to have a procedure for M**andibular Tori,** and while under the knife possibly adjusting her lips to be fuller and reshaped. That would explain how PinkRose has managed to allude him of her real identity not just with makeup. Her age, her date of birth, her hair. All those things that remind him of Molly still remain. He decides to try to find the real Molly to finally settle the scandal, but first he must learn why she got involved with him in the first place. It’s not every day that a guy manages to find a partner who’s also happens to be a porn actress.

PinkRose is so talented as a vlogger, she’s manages to s3cure a starring role in an upcoming horror flick. She sings and writes music, she gardens like a pro, she’s smart, offering advice to her many followers. She’s on IMDb and her name when googled results in her many craft creations rather than the usual people search results googling somebody’s name returns. Aaron whole-heartedly believes she’s his soulmate, but if she fooled him about her virginity while having a history in porn, and she fools him with her disguise as PinkRose, is her real name even Molly?

BIERDE had something similar happen to him when his love interest RAQUEL stole his heart as a girl named ELLE. She too was an actress.

Aaron seeks out BIERDE’s advice with a question about his computer that simply doesn’t boot up anymore.

“I don't know what I'm doing wrong, it's not that old. And it's maxed out on Ram. I was trying to figure out how to link the scene I'm working on with a name like Chef boy R D only to discover it won’t start up. Not a fan of computers. I’ve lost more files on them than I ever would by trying to keep an organized filing system of hard copies of my files. I could be doing this on the typewriter." is all he can hear himself say. How Aaron will verge the conversation to Bierde’s long lost love is beyond comprehension

Visions of a new project involving screenshooting an HTML composed film script scene/sequence flash before our eyes

Clips of scenes where he converts a screenshot into a gif, watermarks it with copywriter symbols.

… The details in using fountain markup language, the use of cloud storage servers to access his files on different devices prove Aaron to be equally nerdy as Bierd.

He couldn't find herself a date if his life depended on it. He uses an electronic pencil to handwite his notes onto the electronic tablet. He feels responsible for what he tells himself is the result of having broken up over such trivial reasons. He has never seen PINK-ROSE in such a promiscuous positions even when he was sexually romancing her.

It all starts making sense to him. Why else could she have possibly been interested in him if she wasn’t put up to it to seduce him. Somebody had to have put her up to it. But who? Why?

End of scenes l






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