Crosswalk buttons

Is it possible to film a movie on a vintage camera with all the visual effects and characteristics using such a device would entail? How good would a screenplay have to be to pull something like that off?

Remember those old gasoline pumps that slowly faded away before you thought of the idea taking a picture for your photography class. There’s still a few old telephone booths to shoot. Here’s another good object to photograph. As a result of the pandemic, who really wants to push a crosswalk button?

The crosswalk button from the 60’s
The crosswalk button from the 60’s

Is it feasible to upgrade a crosswalk button so that it detects passersby waiting to cross? Or would that be an invasion of privacy? While it would be nice to not have to physically press a button to cross the street, I don’t think I would feel comfortable knowing that a camera in every corner, in place of one of these germ infested buttons, is looking at me.



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