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I think it's the template feature that screws everything up because I created an update the the same app on my smart phone and it all went smoothly.

I guess it’s a good thing that the app I’m currently playing with, Retro Film, is a video recorder. I was originally looking for a camera to shoot stills, but I wanted one with a fancy emoji icon. I can always pause the video wherever I want and take a screen shot for the still. Just one of the many tasks that I have to do to prepare a photo for uploading to social media.

I’m not going to rush into paying for any in-app features. I had done something similar when I decided to splurge on myself and try a bunch of screenwriting apps. Now I have like 4 or 5 screenwriting apps. But you know. Maybe I should just pay $1.99 as I think it’s a one time payment and not a monthly charge like the other vintage camera app I’m eyeballing… called Vintage.
Vintage vid still.JPG


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