I downloaded this vintage vid camera app to play with.

Don’t know why, but I had to run it thru iMovie app before livejournal’s mobile app would recognize it. I think this app require a payment of $1.99 to unlock all features. I’m going to play with it awhile to get the feel for it (learn how to use it and prepare for what limitations I can expect) before I decide I really need those extra features.

Somebody asked a question somewhere — I think it was Quora — about what day job writers hold and whether it is a good fit for their writing habits. I’ve always enjoyed working in a library, even before seriously considering venturing into learning how to write. Now that I’ve had a decent amount of exposure to what creative writing entails, I think libraries are dream jobs for us.

I don’t hold a professional position here, but i find that the down time between customers is adequate time for at least a writing student to develop researching skills with all the databases they offer for free to the public. It kind of feels like having a press pass to writing resources.


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