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Kuchisabishii never tasted so ravishing



close up on MC sitting, staring at himself with his jaw open, spurts of water spray directly out of his saliva gland onto the metal roll-up security shutters. He's fascinated by this. A quizzical look as he tries to understand; flicking his tongue, in a scraping manner, against his teeth .


Yo… where they them mosquitoes at?

SCROADER POV of his piers at school sees them as plants which he assigns species names defining them. He continues oblivious to his friends ignoring him.

SCHROADER continue to zone on his ability to milk his own saliva glands. His concentration allows him to distort the background noise around him into macabre sentence structures


The vast computer system is in jeopardy.

Freshman students in line nearest the group of rebels sometimes reap the attention of dumb questions coming from the misfit group who hang out at the closed cafeteria window. Topics of conversation include such things as: hottest teacher, hottest student, and other typical topics that only a group desperate for female interaction could conjure up without discretion.

An inferiority complex develops into a fear of socializing with the opposit sex because these rebel minded teens lack tact in their chit-chat. Even now, when an attractive student passes nearby while in line for food, SCHROADER felt the butterflies begin to stir.


When classes started up again after an odd trimester break, some of the piers that gathered near the cafeteria window were replaced with new faces, but there always seemed to be somebody there. When nobody came to meet-up at this favorite cafeteria spot one summer, SCHROADER nearly had a panick attack. Sitting on a railing by a closed cafeteria window isn't the same as when a classmate is also hanging around.

The words he hears from the crowds of hungry teens scurrying mad-like through campus no longer sound constructive.



Hi. What's your name?


It's Black Eyed Susan.


Cool, but isn't that like jailbait?


What's jailbait? Just call me Spanish Eyes.


Hey what did you think of that rat in gym class?   Never felt so anxious. I thought it was going to convert vegetarian and eat us.

Sprout 2 places Sprout 1 in the friend zone.


whoot! Check out the tail on that fly.


They went that-a-way, big guy. Go get'em. We need our hoomans to hangout with us.


This desert climate ain't gonna cook me up some mosquitoes à la carte. I'm off to better pastures.

The war taking place in the south affected students with drugs. At first it was AIDS that scared everyone, but project Funny ha-ha, a government sanctioned plan set in motion to rid the world of insufferable people like communists, junkies and homosexuals was key years later when RS Development, a publishing firm, began to dig up freedom of information act material shedding light on a conspiracy of hate crimes within the education system. Volunteers were being solicited to get involved and the unsuspecting participants were placed strategically in classrooms together with their targets. Sooner or later the target would say something stupid deserving of a beating. The target would then find himself dodging confrontations, but persistence of the unofficial Funny ha-ha group always managed to pull strings to keep assets focused and determined to catch the unscrupulous suspects. Their execution were creatively planned with drugs.


The long term effects of the war zombified the people with caffeine.


The new war is covic; a system for devising simple ways to kill people and making it look a natural death. Subconsciously, everybody knew it was happening, but it was taboo to break from the norm and start a conspiracy rumor, or feed whatever conspiracies currently held their attention.

There is a hunger in SCHROADER to make it as a Rock in Roll star, yet he's blind to the way his substance abuse is leading him to his own destruction.


The latest news about the urban war crimes in the Ukraine could be deemed the deciding factor for the government accept their indirect part in the killing of innocent women, children, and elderly people too old to flea to safer ground. These are the citizens who decide that dying a violent death in the only place they know is better than risking death from displacement.

Suddenly, local businesses near the violence are singing a different tune, Heavy Metal. It is the only way to psyche themselves out for the bombings to come. In the Ukraine, legislators change laws that previously banned broadcasting music containing strong lyrics over the radio.


keeping the faith

during the past couple of years


I wanted to explain that we didn't have smart phones to ask important questions like do people really go blind if they watch porn?


I heard bald guys have a better sex lives…


This pandemic followed by war is going to do to society what the Japanese call kuchisabishii.


Albert had a second job, killing people he disliked.He descended from a long line of assassins.He had just secured a new contract to spread a dangerous virus that could cause death to the carrier and those around him.He usually preferred working behind the scenes where interaction with people was limited so as to prevent this new way of assassination befalling himself, but now the urban war in Europe meant exposure.The destruction was nearing too close for comfort.He needed to be on the front lines with his victims, to be seen with the intolerable eccentrics. He had developed a database called "evil Otto".It would soon become public that the database contained information disclosing high infection rates of the virus by geographic locations and he had been using it to book controversial entertainers for shows.Now he needed to be seen with these same targets or risk being eaten alive.

Albert's ancestors believed in slavery, not cannibalism. This was his little secret that nobody knew about him. It was acceptable where he came from because of his famous ancestor, Albert Fish. The Albert freelancing for the publishing firm changed his name to Ichthys. He was a selfish man who never once considered what repercussions exposing the fact that, with the 21st century dawning the age of Aquarius… with it too begins the decimation of the symbolic Christian motif Pisces. And like the POV of a fly on the wall, the scene rotates on its side 90 degrees.

It was time to abandon promoting (killing) spreaders of negativity and start an adoption service.

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