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Baseball season has arrived and with it comes the horrid traffic conditions involved with commuting home from work. Usually the drive is ez-pz driving down the same street for a few miles, but when there’s a game, my detour is hopping on the freeway, which is also packed, or driving thru downtown, also packed. So I took some time to find the MLB home game calendar online.

My plan was to download google calendars because I already had experience importing calendar data via .csv format files. If I could achieve this, I told myself, I could them set up a calendar widget and check my phone for a time of games. How hard could it be doing this on the iPad; I already have Excel on it for save the csv file on this device, access my google calendar account and import it. The problem arises when I search for the document so that I could import it thru the calendar website via a browser. Even though I specify saving it Ian csv format, the iPad feels the need top revert it back into an Excel doc.

Here’s how I solved the problem. At first I thought to use a text app like Notes, but the closest I would get to specifying that I want to save my document in text format with a csv extension was exporting my file in rtf format. Needless to say, I didn’t even try to import it that way. I could feel the headache coming on as I almost exhaust all my ideas. After a brief caress of my frontal lobe with my hands massaging my forehead, it occurs to me that I have a better text editor on me iPad.

So using Koder, I simply copied all cells in the Excel doc and pasted them to a new Koder doc. When I saved it, I added the csv extension and The import process proved flawless.
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