Bookplate design project

Bookplate project for the lonely watch board/carve linoleum that has been floating around since my carving/embossing phase. I could never think of anything to do with it. What gave me the brilliant idea to do a bookplate is a database segment of my local library’s website. Exploring the different resources while I can’t think of anything interesting at the moment to research thru the news article database, I stumbled onto pictures of personalized bookplate.

After quickly browsing the various bookplate created by people interested in keeping their personal library organized, I’ve decided on an image I recently conjure up when somebody mentioned designing a tattoo for coffee lovers. All I came up with for that idea resulted in a study of the blossom and foliage of the coffee bean plant. At first, I could only think of a coffee mug in the foreground of the vine/branch to strengthen the coffee symbolism.

Coffee and knives is what the tattoo enthusiast has in mind for his next tattoo. Something in black, he said, as he wasn’t a fan of using color in tattoos. However, when he mentioned using black ink, my brain was stuck on designing an illustration depicting dark themes and what I came up with was the Russian sleep experiment from the creepy pasta website.

I wanted that creepy image of a zombie-like sleep deprived war prisoner for the mug with a slogan like “we must stay awake.” That was the only way I could think of to incorporate the knife with coffee as the experiment the Russians supposedly conducted on the war prisoners resulted in self bodily harm.

I don’t know if my tattooed friend used my composition, but I’m thinking it would make a great bookplate, as I myself am not into tattoos.

All I want to do is read
All I want to do is read


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