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Was wondering about my options concerning formatting

Was saying in an earlier post, what if I were to come up with all thedifferent personalities my characters poses in #tmtwngm?What I mean is, this fantasy publishing company, independent andsemi-controversial, consists of a secretary, receptionist, severalwriters on staff, the editor, and a few mysterious folks; and allthese people are my own imagination. But what if I decide to take itfurther and completely live a double life. Triple and quadruple, etc.I'm going to create a table of names of characters and a descriptionof their highlights. I'll use the cards to cross reference eachdevice, application, method of updating a slough social mediaaccounts. So as to portray the image of whomever. Example: Molly, apetite, irish brunette. Yet, how much harm could I sustain by writingmy thoughts to twitter every 15 minutes? I mean, would that kind ofbehavior result in an unwanted amount of estrogen hormones somehowcreeping into my DNA? Otherwise, I can't see a better way tounderstand my characters and get them to sound more authentic indialog.
Editing for css options

Chars. bkgd

the new editor
iPad editing with notability
rounded corners versus thumbnail

So I'll attribute the process (laywork) of drawing up the table of #index_cards with character names, to the secretary. I don't know how long it's going to take me to do all that, but if I get one of those brilliant catchy phrase (or what-not) and I'm forced to tweet about it, I suppose it'll have to be tweeted by whomever holds the secretary position at the ol' independent publishing firm R.S. Development.

That'll be weird. I see it going too far by actually, physically looking up the secretary's name on an index card, figuring out what's the easiest way to convey a feminine-looking and sounding blog entry.

Next I'm going to be creating role-playing games. Nah. Bad idea.
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