Act IIb, the missing element: fly phishing

Couple working as a group painting address numbers while getting high
Couple working as a group painting address numbers while getting high

Rooftop Jungles, the name of an organization that organized a phishing campaign going door to door inquiring about painting numerical address numbers on property rooftops. To sweeten the deal, phish personnel would offer shingle touch-ups with tar to reinforce leakproof qualities. Rooftop Jungles managed to obtain government funding in the early stages of the rollout of the Internet.

In cahoots with GPS technological developers, most of the funding this phish organization received came from at-risk citizens performing community service. Raquel had not been involved in anything illegal when she started at Rooftop Jungles. Not in California at least. Some say she was testing the waters by working there. Pay was minimum wage, but the hours were so accommodating that she was able to earn enough money to live on her own without the help of her parents, siblings and friends.

Raquel wasn't an angel either. Her friend Jennifer* had tried to move out west when she heard about Raquel's success in Southern California. Unfortunately, the baggage Jennifer was carrying involved a small drug cartel of marijuana distributers. It was because her contacts were small time that she found herself in conflict with the western territories. One day, even before she had an opportunity to catch a flight out of New York, somebody affected by her decision to leave the drug pushing business came to her house and shot her dead.

When Raquel heard the news, she decided it would be best to change her name. She decided Elsie would be a good choice as people might start shortening her name to Elle which was what her friends in the East began calling her.



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