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Dark romantic comedies

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What makes a movie so sad that it can bring a rugged, burly man to tears? It all depends on the soft spot. Everyone, it seems, has had their heart broken. It's not just me who can't seem to get over it and move on. When I think of her, which is every day, I'll occasionally contemplate 'how could she?' because of the moving on factor. How could she pick up the pieces, count her losses, move on with her life as if I never existed? Most of the time, though, what goes through my head when I think of her is simply 'where is she?'

So, if it was me sitting in a theatre watching a sad, sad tale—I mean, I cried during Passion of the Christ—it would probably be for the life of a man who was sent to prison very early in his life, did his stretch, and managed to blend in with society never forgetting the memory of his girlfriend. Although a girl suddenly faced with the idea of being alone in the world is vindicated in the eyes of the general public for having moved on with her life, forgetting her lover altogether as the relationship seemed to be a dead end, something about the ex-con's life makes this move the wrong move. Like Henry Fool who does his time for a sex offense; he claims to have used that time away from society constructively. He becomes a poet.

The general idea of a plot that would have me crying like a baby is one in which a man becomes a poet who dedicates ten or fifteen years of his life to writing about this one girl whom decides to leave him. The plot would be that much better if he was wrongfully persecuted. If, in the end, though the ex-con knows his own innocense, it's revealed that he couldn't possibly have committed the crime. In his eyes, that doesn't matter anymore because the time it took for his one true love to leave hime, transforms him into a poet earning him fame and wealth, the only way possible a system of law could right its wrong. Meanwhile, the ex-gf discovers this new found fame and reads one of his poems. She's brought to tears. She reads the book cover to cover with a towel in her left hand. She reads book after book realizing that every single poem is about her. Her face now is one of swollen cheeks, puffy eyes, red nose as her face cannot fold any make-up for very long as her tears just won't stop.

Finally, the dark element of the story ends with the death of the relationship. Something we've all known which can happen, and happens to most people. The love that produces the poet, the poet who leaves a mark in the world, the man who doesn't believe in moving on with his life is all erased. Brainwashed. The result of having fan mail by the truck load received by filtering assistents who don't allow the truth to reach the poet. He lives in ambivalence.

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