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In case you haven't heard, Jennifer Grey will be a published author this year with Out of the corner

May 3, 2022 is the release date

There are so many things that puzzle me about Jennifer Grey. And since I've been using her as a muse for my own creative writings, I can't help feeling like I'm going off the deep end trying to fill in the gaps. I've dug up newspaper articles at the library about the automobile accident as well as a few blog entries¹ on the subject. I don't believe it happened because nothing in Hollywood is ever as plain and simple as the reported news articles explain. After all, I've found a few erratum concerning age difference between Jenn and Matt.

For starters, the photograph of the mangled car was only taken from one direction and it's the only photo I've been able to find. From the angle it was taken, it appears as though the passenger side of the car absorbed more impact. Then there is the photo of Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey in which Matthew hobbles on crutches while Jennifer has her head turn toward him walking by his side. Again, the only picture of the two together after the accident. She just seems pristine and without injury for somebody who claims neck problems as a result of the accident.

There're plenty of stories about the surgeries Jennifer has undergone, the pins in her neck being a result of the accident (not because she uses it to veil setting off beepers while passing through metal detectors.) I just don't buy why the picture of the couple together after the accident doesn't show Jennifer wearing a neck brace. There are other oddities about Jennifer like her mysterious actress mother Jo Wilder. Have you ever googled her name?

When I search the Internet for Jo Wilder, as well as "Joan Carrie Brower," I find photos of Jennifer Grey.I wonder why that is? My next little investigative project is going to be organizing a time line of her surgeries with dates for her nose, neck and thyroid.

I've already pre-ordered a digital copy of Out of the corner but I can't help feel this title focuses more on a play on similar sounding words: coroner and corner.

Since we're on the subject of similarities, has anyone seen the Angela Bettis' movie 12 hour shift? In it there is an actress named Molly Simpson who I think has an uncanny resemblance to Jennifer. Is it any wonder that the role of lost woman² fits Jenn like a glove? What a tragedy Jennifer has endured with publicity. Her romantic holiday with sweetheart Matthew³ turns into a horror story, and they break up shortly thereafter. The critical opinions, as well as her own, on the botched nose job⁴. Her neck surgery uncovering the unusual growth in her thyroid. The scar in her throat that she is obviously self conscious about that she'll frequently cover it with scarves.How might Jennifer address all these things to her fan base?

There are other Internet coincidences and I'm still trying to recall the one containing the word RUST, if only to scrutinize it a bit more as it's the technique I've developed for creating inspiration in my own writing. In the meantime, I stumbled onto a book series⁵ named A Jennifer Grey mystery which feeds my endeavor toward uncovering the controversy surrounding one of my favorite actresses.🐚





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