I never did fast when my doctors appointment required blood work

Today I have a follow up visit, or maybe a first time visit to my doctor. The previous visit I had, I didn't see the doctor. I saw an assistant.

The referral to the neurologist came from my primary care physician who also probably wasn't even my primary physician. I had switched insurance a couple years ago and I remember seeing my primary physician for the first time. He was white.

This last time I visited my primary physician, turns out he's back. What-the-dick? Right??

So when my black doctor, by the same name as the white doctor I had seen only once before, referred me to a specialist, I'm calling the phone for the doctors office and nobody answers. After an hour of trying I finally resort to their website. There I manage to go thru the process of scheduling an appointment, but as it turns out, when I arrive to my appointment I'm told I don't have an appointment. Apparently I was supposed to wait for a call to confirm that the appointment was successfully made, hence the probable reason that I never got a chance to see the good doctor.

The assistant that I did see, as the gif fill at the doctors office took pity on me and told me they could probably squeeze me in, described all the exams I would have to look forward to, and she prescribed a couple meds (pain killers and pills for dizzy people). But as much as I kept checking my pharmacy, I was always turned away with the response that no medication has arrived for me.

This makes sense since it wasn't really a certified doctor who prescribed the meds in the first place. So after that preliminary pity visit, I was given a follow up appointment. Usually a month down the line. I can't help but wonder, if I had just refused the office help and just tried to establish an appointment with the doctor, I might have been able to achieve a doctors visit with the specialist a lot sooner than the time that lapsed for a follow up visit.

I got my car back from the service station
I got my car back from the service station

I'm seriously considering duct tapping my power windows button as the drivers side window can be lowered without mishap, but raising it back up is a crapshoot. And never-mind rainy days. It almost seems as though my car's love for me is telling me not to buy fast food anymore as rainy days has always made my window button malfunction.

Do cars develop a conscience on rainy days? Anyway, I won't be fixing the AC anymore -- good luck with that in SoCal -- because my dad handed down his car to me now that he cannot drive anymore. I'll miss my ol' pickup truck. I probably won't get rid of it and just park it in the driveway until I save enough money to replace her.

I've had my Chevy for 26 years already. I was hoping I would still have it when it no longer required getting smog checked every other year. My dad owned a Chevy Impala that didn't require a smog check anymore. As it is, my car probably wouldn't pass. I remember too what a hassle it was for my dad to preheat the carbonated engine before being able to move the car. Maybe it isn't worth it to keep a car so old that it no longer required to be smog checked because it'll break down every week and leave you in the middle of nowhere. 𓅱


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