Aha! there's a bug in livejournal and I've uncovered it

For starters, I can't seem to find a link that will take me to the old editor to post an entry. All links for posting seem to take me to the new editor.

The only way to access the old editor, as far as I can see, is to email your update entry and once it posts, when you click on the edit button to edit it, the old editor will automatically start up.

But wait! Check this entry I emailed (using Telegram app). I clicked on the edit button…

and half my entry disappeared. 

It's almost as if I've reached the max limit of words per entry. I would've liked to organize my images in numerical order, but editing using firefox browser simply cuts my entry in half. The only work-around I can see is copying the code and emailing it as an update to lj all over again. To be safe, if you decide this route is for you, remember to use lj-raw so all your tags and code is interpreted the way it should be interpreted.


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