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Truemor entry
Courtesy of Marco Polo

All my life I've maintained a very close relationship to my parents who happen to be Mexican. I really admire them for their lifestyle. I can only wish to live a happy, fruitful life like they have. So, a few weeks ago a problem with a customer comes to my attentions. I forget exactly what they were displeased about, but after they left, another patron makes a comment to a librarian that "I hate Mexicans". I confirmed that that was what had been said to my co-worker.

Sometimes the most colorful characters will drop in to the library, but this opinionated individual frequents this place where I work often. The other day, in fact, he showed seemed to be upset with me when I asked him if he's exceeded the limit on the quantity of videos permitted to be loaned out to any single individual at a time. His tone almost sounded as if he was trying to say that he too can have an attitude. Now I feel like this frequent user must be handle ever so gently, which means being myself is to be hindered, despite no other complaints about my customer service. I don't know how anybody can come to the conclusion that I hate a particular race of people simply by the way I conduct myself in my job.

I thought the billboard seen in NY, above, may end up breaking up a lot of marriages between guys who's name is Steve. Is that morally correct? How could a woman be so selfish as to let this kind of thing happen. I thought women were very cupid-like characteristically. The invoice for this poster must have cost a year's salary. I would love to make a billboard in this fashion reading "Ana, will you marry me?" but then there would probably be an influx of marriages between people named Ana.

An article in abcnews describes one couple going to extremes† for the sake of saving the excitement in their marriage. Note how Nick Hazell quotes one doctor as saying "Sometimes being unfaithful can be a wake-up call…" This is important [for me] because I was treated very harshly by my loving cheerleader. Maybe it was to save face that my gf dumped me faster than a person can yell "Bingo!", but I often wonder whether her idea of our relationship was one similar to marriage, or whether she really didn't want out of the relationship altogether. One thing is certain, I still think of her.

The irony of this message is something I've created on my one track mind. A result of Ana on my brain every minute of the day, the only thing I can think of is everything that might help me to find her. For instance, America Ferrera is linked to Ana because she played a role in a movie called Real women have curves and in that role her name was Ana Garcia. You can see a movie still in Michael Paron's blog My stuff and crap

It would be really suggestive if that was the only thing that linked my obsession with Ana Garcia. A performer by the name Ana Garcia Obregon has the exact same birthday as I do. She too was born in Spain, like the NBC news reporter. America Farrera has only recently become a popular name, but back when I was struggling to make ends meet, I knew an evil employment counselor who called herself Vera Ferrera.

Since NBC is practically the only network channel I'll watch, I sat through an interview with Michael Moore in which Maria Bartiromo, a sex goddess, seems nervous to answer his question about why he is refused access to the NYSE. That, IMO, is like being refused access into the NBC Studios where the channel four news is recorded. I so wanted to run into Ana Garcia that day, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened. And when you think about it, the headlining news for that day was the Virginia Tech massacre, so how could the tour guide deem it sufficient enough to use such an excuse that newsroom access is prohibited for the reason of breaking news? The massacre at Virginia Tech aired all day into the evening news.

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