A world with policemen dressed in pink and H.S. classmates able to buy alcohol. A coming of age plot

I don't know when teens began to lose their rights as human beings, but it appears as though the old days allowed for greater freedoms. If one just looks at the historic photos of Grace Budd, a homicide victim at age ten, it's hard to envision a girl so young portrayed somebody so much older in the last photo she had posed for before she was kidnapped and eaten by Albert Fish.

Albert Fish kidnapping a kid and selling her off to become an entertainer
Albert Fish kidnapping a kid and selling her off to become an entertainer

Sometimes I wonder if it's true that she was murdered. These days, I expect in–depth investigation on everything submitted by way of a police report. I've been using an old 80's flick as a muse to inspire a plot which revolves around the descendants of Grace Budd. If you are familiar with Dirty Dancing, I guess we can call this my first exploration into fan–fiction.

We begin with the cosmetic alteration of Lisa Houseman, a flunky who found her calling in acting. She lands a role in a movie and befriends Baby Houseman as her cast sister. The movie is a coming of age story in which Baby, presumably younger than Lisa, falls in love with a lady's man who teaches her to dance. The scene where Baby becomes sad because she breaks up with her promiscuous boyfriend after he leaves town shows Lisa trying to comfort her. One of her lines goes something like: "I'll do your hair… make you look pretty." 

This is the scene I want to expand on as it is the scene in which Lisa convinces Baby to use her earnings in the movie to get breast implants. Baby, a flunky herself, must wait until she is 18 years old to do this, and in the meantime boyfriends and relationships are exchanged between the two friends. A life changing event for Lisa occurs when she is injured in an automobile accident which chips one of her two front teeth, and implodes her own implants. The remainder of Lisa's teen years is not easy as, being sexually active, her boobs are flabby and punctured as the emergency hospital where she ends up after the auto accident only repairs her punctured implants by removing them. Nothing cosmetically is done to make them the perky young breasts she would have had if she hadn't undergone the surgery for breast implants.

Meanwhile, Baby is still addicted to painkillers but she has managed to use them sparingly only during her menstrual cycles. She meets a boy that she'd heard rumors was a sadistic asshole and schemed ways to kill him for the misdeeds he's responsible for but thus far has managed escape. Not exactly a virgin, but quite inexperienced in comparison, this adolescent we'll refer to as Bier falls madly in love with Baby.

Baby changes her name when she relocates to the west coast to live with her mom. It was the only way to successfully enroll her in public school even though she was no longer a minor under 18. Her mom, a woman of the times very much in the know, supported her daughter in most things typical families tried to prohibit their children from doing until they could pay their own way. Baby liked the name Elsie because she loved to handwrite the letter L and having Elsie as her name freed her up to infer that her name was the initials L and C, freeing her up to create yet other names for herself like Lola, Chastity, Loraine, Charlotte, etc. 𓅱


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